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Low Carb Diet - Increased Blood Viscosity?

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    Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
    I watched a video a while back by Dr MacDougall (he of the 'plant based diet' mantra), and one of the things he mentioned as an arguement in favour of eating carbohydrates instead of fat was that your blood run swiftly when you are eating carbs, and is sluggish and lethargic when eating a fat based cue.
    What makes you think anything that swivel-eyed nutcase says has anything to do with science? He wouldn't know science if it bit him in the arse.

    I gave blood last Friday as it happens and was up off the bed almost before I'd lain down. It took quite some time for some of the others but not me.

    Eat some fish and shellfish, if you think you're blood's "sluggish". You should be eating them anyway:

    Why should we eat more seafood to keep our brains healthy? Food & nutrition Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour

    As for McDougall, I suggest he takes a very large dose of warfarin, and if it does something more permanent than thin his blood at least it will give us all a rest ...
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      Here is a simple anecdotal response - no scientific references, n=1, etc.: I recently donated whole bood. My diet contains an average 60-70 g carbs/day. Moderate O3, little O6, lots of EVOO, butter, meat, eggs. When I donated the nurse was shocked how fast the blood flowed. I was in and out with pre-donation paperwork and post-donation waiting period in just a few minutes. Some people were on the "rack" when I arrived and were still on when I left. So in my own case, the diet was apparently no detriment to general blood viscosity...rather quite possibly a big benefit.