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lightheaded but not hungry?

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  • lightheaded but not hungry?

    does this happen to anyone else? even before i started IF, it seems like i get lightheaded & dizzy (like you do when you need to eat) way before i ever get the rumbling OMG I NEED FOOD feeling in my gut?
    i've been low carb/primal for 3 years, & had this problem before changing my diet & like i said, before i started IF.

    hope this makes a little bit of sense..thanks for any info or input :]

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    This is likely an electrolite balance. Salt water is what you might need.
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      That's what I felt like when I was hypoglycemic. If I'm not getting enough food day to day, this still happens when I IF.
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        thanks yall. i'll look into the suggestions. it gets annoying sometimes, bc i feel like i'm eating more to get rid of the headache rather than to fulfill hunger...
        also i feel like i'm always craving something..even when i'm not hungry or lightheaded at all, i always want some kind of taste..i guess thats part of being an ex smoker..but..the constant need/want for some kind of flavor/taste is probably the worst..i wish i could figure out a way to get past that..then i know i'd be 100% binge free & feel more in control


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          ashley, i get the same way! i feel hypoglycemic like nameless said (lightheaded/dizzy), but in regards to my stomach i won't feel hungry at all. i also have the same constant craving for something...definitely makes me feel a little out of control. haven't learned how to get past it either.

          not sure what would help, but glad to know i'm not the only one!


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            Eating a lot of fat at breakfast generally keeps me from feeling like that throughout the day...then I just eat fat/protein/non-starchy carbs for dinner. If I skip out on the fat and eat something light (or just skip breakfast), my mid-day, I feel like you do.

            Breakfast: eggs, avocado, cheese, veggies (and bacon/sausage mixed in)...


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              Yep, pre-primal the simple carbs did that for me. Now it happens when I'm pretty tired, about 2pm each day. So I usually have a sleep (today I got my hair cut instead, but I'm feeling that way right now. Will try and make it without a nap today)


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                hm..i guess i'll look more into the whole hypoglycemic deal. if i could figure out how to get control over this i'd be set..thanks again!