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Need help with finding Paleo/Primal/Gluten-Free info for arthritis

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  • Need help with finding Paleo/Primal/Gluten-Free info for arthritis

    A budy of mine who has recently become Paleo/Primal sent me this request today.

    "Need help finding Paleo/Primal/Gluten-Free testimonials from peeps with arthritis… Paaleease. " Apparently his mother in law is thinking of trying Primal, and would like to hear how it has helped some people with arthritis.

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    Stuck "arthritis" into the forum search and turned up this:

    There were a lot of other threads, also. Might be useful. Good luck!


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      My co-worker thought she had arthritis (and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia!) for many years. As an experiment, she went gluten-free for a month, and her "arthritis" and "fibromyalgia" both miraculously disappeared. All those years of suffering, and the whole time it was just wheat....


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        Purely anecdotal and Her Mileage May Vary --

        I'm now 64, female, and have had osteo-arthritis issues for the last 8 years or so. The arthritis in my thumb joints and fingers was particularly bothersome in 2007. Midway during that year, I went on the Zone program and arthritis pain was almost completely gone in about a month.

        Fell off that wagon in early 2008 and arthritis issues returned, as bad as before.

        Started Primal in 2011 -- still there, with a couple of longer lases (more than a month of too much fruit, a bread binge or two and one memorable ice cream orgy). As long as I stay within the program the arthritis is a non-issue. Benefits show up in a week or less, full relief within a month of clean eating. I have to do a lot of handwriting for my job (primarily document signing, sigh) so I am particularly alert to when the hands hurt.

        I don't have to be in full-blown ketosis to get the beneficial effects, but being in ketosis helps so many other aging issues (muscle inflammation, soreness, sleep disruption) that I try to visit keto-land as often as possible.
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