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  • Question for this experienced in fasting

    I'm a healthy 20 year old male. I practice IF every day, eating 1 or 2 meals daily. Sometimes I perform multi-day fasts. My question is, can under eating for long periods of time really hinder fat loss? For the past 8ish weeks I've utilized IF to lose about 15 pounds. I'm maintaining my strength, but suddenly I've hit a plateau. Is this normal? My daily intake is roughly 2000 kcal, just because this is what I've felt comfortable with. My estimated calories burned each day can be anywhere from 2500-4000 kcal a day, depending on my activities. I haven't had a refeed day in a couple weeks. And I've been pretty low carb for a while as we'll, generally 20-80 grams a day.

    So, basically my question is, based off of all of this info, is it possible that my metabolism has slowed? What has your experience been with IF, or understating for long periods of time?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback

    P.S. Title is supposed to say "Question for THOSE experienced in fasting" haha
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