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  • help with paleotrack

    im not sure if it is me but i cant seem to get things to come up..i want to start tracking for a few wks to get an idea of were im i missing smething, if i put in what i ate it either comes up nothig found or some fast food choice..i have used another one in past but doesnt have this great break down of paleo specific things..

    for example..i had a salad with 6 oz grilled mtaches or all fast food choices...

    please help, thanks

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    You have to do each ingredient in your salad separately.

    6oz grilled chicken
    4oz iceburg lettuce
    2oz spinach
    8oz Tomatoes
    2oz Cheddar cheese
    1.5 oz extra virgin olive oil
    1oz Red wine vinegar


    Use the recipes function to build your recipes, like this salad for example. Then you don't have to do all this data entry everytime. I do this in Self Nutrition Data website.
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      so if you eat a garden omelette u need to list all the veggies separate?

      that seems would i know all the nutritional info of these things...and if i did why would i need the website?


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        You got it, that's why there is a recipes and custom food link to add your own. How is paleotrack supposed to know how much of each ingredient is in your omlette unless you tell it? The tracker(s) will know the nutritional info of the ingredient if it is in the database.

        I like this tracker better. You can still see your O6:O3 intake plus other things like glycemic load and inflammation factor.
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          great..ill take a look..i always used bodyfit...when you put in grilled chicken all option came up to choose from like ounces, skin etc etc..also if you put in garden omelette it would come up and you could click what veggies, how many eggs and it did all calculations for you based on what you told it


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            It looks like Paleotrack uses the USDA database which is archaic if you ask me. Many of these trackers do. You can see that generic grilled chicken isn't in the USDA database. at least I can't find it. Foods List