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Help..I am gaining weight!! Hypo, Menopausal and chronic constipation!

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    Originally posted by tinacristina View Post
    Todays meal
    1/4 cup coconut milk..
    Chicken and brocolli..1 1/2 cups combine

    1/4cup homemade pesto (basil,olive oil, cream cheese, walnuts)
    salad mix with vegies and advocado

    Few walnuts,3
    Whip cream...1/4cup with stevia
    4 strawberries
    This looks good. I would ditch the cream cheese (the most constipating food in the world!) and the stevia if you can. Berries and cream are tasty without adding sweeteners.

    Do you take Fish Oil? If not, I'd recommend that and vitamin D, not to address any of your specific ailments, but to better your general health.


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      Wait. You're saying in a week your weight fluctuated a little over a pound? My weight fluctuates that much in a day depending on how much sodium/water I consumed or sweated out. I agree, don't look at decimals. Don't even weigh yourself more than once a week. You can "gain" a pound just by eating a meal and a glass of water.

      I've learned nuts and cheese can plug me up, especially if eaten alone as a snack. I have to limit those and make sure I eat them with something, like a big salad.


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        I think there is a good chance that your doc (following the predominant medical paradigm) and has missed the diagnosis. I have just scanned thru these posts, and didn't notice anyone suggesting you explore Adrenal Fatigue as a possible underlying cause of your symptoms. Oftentimes an apparent thyroid issue is really coming from a chronic (and often sub-clinical) adrenal problem.

        You can look into this here: Comprehensive Adrenal Fatigue Article - DrLamŽ - Body. Mind. NutritionŽ by watching Dr Lam's video and taking a pretty good quiz. Then, if you want to go further, there is a ton of info available. Much more than diet is usually need to turn that around, depending on what stage a person is in.

        I wish you luck with your healing journey!


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          The rapid weight gain after giving birth is more than just a transition to motherhood. There was a reason why rumors that if you have not shed off the excess weight you have gained a year after giving birth means you are not going to shed it off at all are spreading around.