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  • cutting out processed fats

    I've been Primal for 4.5 months and I love it but I'm still making tweaks regularly. I have about 30lbs to lose but I'm not in a terrible hurry - although I have been losing 1lb/week on average which I'm very happy with. For a few weeks I've been trying increasing my proportion of fat calories and trying lo eat less carbs and minimising protein. However I found that I was eating more calories overall (trying not too though!) and eating less nutritious foods, and consequently gained a few pounds back.

    So I had this idea that maybe I should cut out the processed fats and oils (lately that's been olive oil and butter for me) and replace them with foods that contain fat, such as olives and avocados. I did some playing around on cronometer and realised I was missing out on heaps of nutrients by replacing calories from lots of veggies I had been eating (including some root veggies like beet, carrot, parsnip etc) with fats, like butter, in order to minimise carbs. I also realised that even grass-fed beef is fairly low in lots of nutrients compared with chicken (with skin) or salmon for example.

    So I'm going to try for a few weeks: no processed fats, more veggies, more chicken/fish/mussels/lamb than beef, more whole fatty foods like olives and avos and cheese too to a degree.

    BTW I take 3g fish oil every day so my O3-O6 ratios are usually good. By way of movement I usually just do 2-3 hours of walking a week, and bodyweight exercises sporadically (nothing major I know, I'm getting there!).

    What do you all think about these changes? Will the higher proportions of carbs from veggies and fatty fruits be better than calorie-dense, but relatively nutrient-poor fats? And does this sound like a good way to get back to losing weight?

    Thanks for you insights.
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    Great plan but not sure what is better about chicken than beef. Carbs from non-tuber veggies are miniscule and carbs from tuber veggies are really no big deal either if you are basically healthy.
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      Originally posted by tfarny View Post
      Great plan but not sure what is better about chicken than beef. Carbs from non-tuber veggies are miniscule and carbs from tuber veggies are really no big deal either if you are basically healthy.
      Well, I think I figured out the beef vs chicken thing: Cronometer sucks!! I was just doing a pretty unscientific look at the percentage of nutrients reached with a 100g serve of various foods. It was at chicken: 35%ish and beef: 10%. However I realise now that the grass-fed beef option did not include all the different amino acids in its profile, so basically it seems the amino acids were not being counted as contributing to the nutrients reached percentage. If I enter in normal ground beef it comes out pretty near chicken.

      Although I did read Mark in an article saying he focuses on fish and poultry so maybe there's more to it...
      Primal since May 2012. Loving life and down 50lbs.


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        Just as a note, Cronometer does allow you to add foods if you find a source that gives you better info. You go to the "Foods" tab, then to the left of the page click the "Create Food" button. This way, you can tailor it to the specific foods you buy.
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          Subbing olives and avocados for slightly more refined fats and getting your animal fats along with the meat is certainly not a bad idea at all.
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            granted, i don't make my own butter, but i do buy kerrygold and don't consider it a "processed fat." i had 2 tablespoons in my bone broth this morning.

            i'm not sure i understand the trade-off between fats and veggies? but i eat relative heaps of leafy greens for high-volume, but very low net carbs. i'm not a fan of many root veggies to be honest and would rather get vitamin a from liver. the carbs from squashes and such add up pretty quickly, so i'd do them in moderation.

            eating fattier foods, like salmon, eggs, avocado and fattier cuts of meat, is, imho, superior to slathering butter on a boneless, skinless chicken breast, so yeah, i think you'll do well with that. grass-fed cheese and dairy can help here too, especially for getting k2.

            Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Beef, grass-fed, ground, raw

            Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Chicken, broilers or fryers, dark meat, meat and skin, raw

            i feel MUCH more sated with red meat than i do with chicken. in fact, i rarely eat chicken at all anymore.

            you're losing at a pretty good clip, so see if this helps you feel "better." pay attention to energy levels, appetite and sleep quality.

            good luck!
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              How much have you lost so far?
              Rough calc says 15 lb or so, then is that another 30 you want to shed?
              You're eating right, but only doing the light workout, I don't think the fats are too much of a problem, just holding back on the starchy tubers and regulating fruit intake should have you in a good carb range.
              You may have reached a natural stall point and may need to hover there for a while as your body adjusts, otherwise if you want to push the direction a bit more, then you may need to up your workout to burn some extra calories whilst maintaining the same intake.
              I'm all for the go slow, do the right stuff and over time it will happen.
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