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Lookin for a mineral/vitamin/good stuff powder

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  • Lookin for a mineral/vitamin/good stuff powder

    Problem is:

    Can't have rice
    Can't have iron
    Can't have probiotics

    I really like the Ultra Source of Life stuff as I used to take that years ago and I just remember the positive change it did me. ----has iron+rice

    I also really like Greens+ -----has iron+probiotics

    I've been using Greens+ but just cooking it to get rid of the probiotics; was just recently reminded of source of life so now I'm curious if there's anything out there I can get?

    (note: iron might be ok now, gonna ask Oncologist - probiotics are a ways off and rice I think I might be intolerant to as some of my really-don't-ever-want-to-feel-again symptoms seem to always revolve around periods in my life where I ate I stay away.)

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    Why do you think you "need" that? Did you know that the word "need" is a favorite among salesmen? Surely it is because if they can convince you that you "need" it, then surely you will buy it and make money for them.

    In the history of human kind, vitamin pills were only recently invented. Before that, people got their vitamins from real foods. The only people who will benefit if you buy vitamin pills are the people who own and/or work for the pill companies. But if you don't mind providing a charity for them, be my guest and buy away!


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      maybe you missed the part where I mentioned my oncologist....

      I appreciate what you're saying, but I have found opinions to be too volitile and I try to just use forums as information gathering these days ^_^
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