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In Defense of Bread

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  • In Defense of Bread

    Anyone see this letter to the editor in the summer issue of the WAPF newsletter?

    Letters, Summer 2012 - Weston A Price Foundation

    Basically, a WAPF baker is mad because there are Paleo people in her WAPF chapter who don't eat her bread.

    Reminds me of this post Wise Traditions Recap | Melissa McEwen on food anthropology, economics, and culture and the testy comments from the defenders of the menu at the WAPF conference.

    Some people just ain't ever going to soak and grind their own flour just to make pancakes for breakfast. I'm one of them. Unless the people at WAPF make room in their philosophy for paleo/primal folks I see a fight brewing, and that would be very sad to see.


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    Well, I understand the baker's feelings. I love to bake, and I've almost entirely given it up since I went paleo/primal. However, I find her letter less than compelling. I notice how he doesn't mention the decrease in lifespan, stature and increased cavities and how diabetes showed up in the Egyptians.
    Out of context quote for the day:

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      lol it is a very sweet letter. i think if you wanted to believe that line of thought, it would be good. but each to their own. and i guess if you are going to eat bread, that would be the better way to do it.


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        Let's face it; just because you soak/ferment does not make it healthy or necessarily edible.

        I will not eat just any old thing just to keep from hurting someone's feelings.


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          Exactly. He's welcome to bake all he wnats, and I'm welcome to refuse all that I want. It's not a personal insult to him. It's a personal preference of mine.


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            All those things that he does to the wheat to make it edible bread just make it less bad, not necessarily good.


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              Grindstone Bakery (the owner of this bakery wrote the article) makes awesome bread and I buy it from time to time at my local WAPF kitchen He bakes only gluten-free breads and other items and is dedicated to the process. Mario is truly passionate about bread so it's an emotional thing for him. I understand how he feels. I think he needs to work on understanding and accepting other people's food choices but I get why he finds it upsetting. I also think those of us who don't necessarily want to eat grains (or any other food) need to learn to be a bit more gracious when rejecting foods offered to us.

              While I don't eat gluten-containing grains I soak and sprout my own buckwheat to make cereal and flour. I sort of like the ritual. It's not a regular part of my diet but I don't think eating some sprouted grains or bread from properly fermented grains is horrendous. No, not primal or paleo but not the worst thing you can eat if you can tolerate these foods.