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Even if it is primal, wouldn't this be bad?

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    All you really need to know is what you need to do for yourself. Follow the basics of PB, and let everyone else do whatever they are doing.

    Is what he is doing primal? Yes, technically speaking, it is. Is it what is right for you? Maybe, maybe not. There are lots of ways to be primal. I do IF, eat two meals a day, have a 200 calorie difference in my daily intake pre ovulation vs post. Should your diet be exactly the same? Probably not. Right? You're not a woman with a cycle, so maybe your body doesn't need an extra 200 calories for half the month. Is it primal? Yes. Is it what you need to do and/or worry about? no.

    If you feel better calorie counting, then do that. If you feel better with a lower-fat version of primal, then do that (say 30% -- which is technically, by CW standards, a "low fat" diet). Do what makes sense to you, what feels good in your body. K?


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      Following hunger signals is all I have done during my 180lb loss journey.


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        Zoebird is right. Don't worry about your friend. If you don't want a 27 oz steak, don't eat one. But is it primal? Do you think primitive man worried about his cholesterol when he caught a deer? Or do you think he ate a couple pounds of it before hauling the rest back to camp? And no, primitive man didn't die young of heart disease. People lived shorter lives due to infant mortality and things like infection or trauma/injury.
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