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Please give me some ideas for good carbs to eat

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    This is what Mark puts into the BAS

    cherry tomatoes
    red bell peppers
    broccoli florets
    english cucumbers


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      This is a summery of the video

      - We are obligate fat burners
      - Reducing carb load is a good thing (0-100g carbs per day is good, you don't need more than 150g)
      - Occasionally going into ketosis is a good thing
      - If you are not lactose intolerant, you can enjoy some dairy (cream, butter, yoghurt, cheeses)

      .. The face that you can survive on grains doesn't mean you can thrive on grains.
      .. Gave up grains and artritis/IBS/sinus infections went within 30 days.
      .. provide a huge insulin load = bad

      - ON SUGAR
      .. Keep total glucose load in a day low
      .. Trying to lose weight - fruit is not your friend, don't use sweeteners
      .. table suger is evaporated canejuice so you can argue that table sugar is PALEO

      .. Brain wants to reduce glucose load
      .. Takes a while to be able to access ketones in a good way

      - He said he enjoys every meal he has and that is one of his goals.

      - "I can make a case for being a ketogenic athlete" - big statement. He says it's all about being able to access the ketones building the machinery to do that in the body. You are still making ketones when you are taking in carbs..

      - "As of now I don't see any dangers of going really low carb"
      .. I don't like how he says "as of now". Seems like guesswork? Then again, who knows.

      - He takes 100g of carbs per day.

      - Never exceeds 3,000 calories per day.

      - You don't need that much protein.

      - Talks about reorienting your metabolism to be more efficient and use the calories you take in. He seems to be saying that lowering metabolism is a good thing. Lowering thyroid function is a good thing. This is a good hypothesis. I agree that you don't have to be eating loads every day.

      6.30am - wake up, big cup of coffee + sugar, start work

      10.30am - Primal Fuel (what is this??)

      Lunch - BAS

      7pm - Glass red wine + dinner (some form of grilled meat + vegetable + maybe cheese and chocolate)

      10.30 - bed

      I may go through the 21 day total body transformation program. I am getting that book now.


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        I am also going to watch Mark Sissons presentation at the "21 convention" on Primal Life. I will give a summary of that talk.


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          About eggs... it's in the yolk that all the vitamins are. People who only eat egg whites may even get allergic to eggs over time. I would rather eat fewer eggs but the damn whole egg instead of tossing away the life giving yolk! When you open a raw egg the yolk is easily taken out and tastes so good raw. The whites... uhm, not so much.
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            good carbs...I didn't know such a thing existed!
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              @Paul900 becoming primal isn't about micro-managing everything the way you started doing and more about your summary post #61.
              As for jarred sauces they can contain a lot on non-primal ingredients including processed oils. I have enjoyed them in the past but as you start to eat more and more real whole foods you will find the sauces taste off and you would be much better off adding a mix of your own roasted spices to make a curry.
              Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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