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What makes "Hatch" green chiles so special?

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  • What makes "Hatch" green chiles so special?

    Aren't they just the same as Anaheim chiles?

    I'm seeing recipes on the net that say "must" or "really should be" Hatch chiles.
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    It's similar to an Anaheim and if the Anaheim is all you have access to, then your recipe will be just fine. Hatch chili refers to chilis grown in the area in and around Hatch, New Mexico. Chili is NM's largest crop and the varietal that is known as Hatch chili was developed by NM State University (a big agricultural school) in the 1920s.

    Everything is better with chili in it.


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      I completely agree that everything is better with chili in it.



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        What makes it great is their great marketing.

        Every year our Whole foods have giant "Hatch Chile festivals". They roast the chiles on-site, put up signs everywhere, and put the Chiles in everything.

        But, honestly, they taste about the same as Anaheims. They are certainly not worth any special hype. However, if it gets people to eat more chiles (which are awesome in general), then it's all worth it.


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          It's how I know fall is truly around the corner, when the stores here in Albuquerque start roasting the chili and that smell is in the air. The taste of fresh roasted green chili in just about anything is not to be beat.


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            Don't these give you Acne?


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              What are the nutritional value to them?


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                If you have arthritis, be aware that all peppers, chiles and sweet, as well as potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes are nightshade family, and may have unexpected results on pain tolerance. In that case, nutrition counts for little; avoidance is the treatment.