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Primal - Week 5

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  • Primal - Week 5

    I am going on 5 weeks primal and have seen vast improvement in my fibromaylgia & arthritis pain. Last night I slept without my ubber stuffed down bed topper. I havent slept without it for over 7 years. I slept like a baby. This would have been impossible a month ago. Every turn in bed would have woken me in pain. And not to get too personal here but this is the first time in a long time I have not gotten a hormone induced migraine around that "special time".

    I dont know why I am still dismayed about the government/medical establishment for ignoring the possibility that our diet is making us sick. Over my lifetime doctors have put me on all sorts of meds for this, meds for seizures, NSAIDS, antidepressants, you name it. After all that, I have spent thousands on massage therapy, although I love & totally believe in the healing powers of massage, I could have went on a nice vacation with that money. All these years and a diet change is what I needed. I am feeling really optimistic about this change.

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    Oh and I forgot one more change I have experienced since going primal. My lifelong depression has eased significantly. I turned to my husband last weekend after I had eaten a great primal salad from Smashburger (I usually hate salads and feel cheated if I have to have one) and I said " I am just happy as a clam for no reason at all" and I really was! Very unusual for me, but it was a great feeling.


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      Hey! I am going on 3 weeks myself. It's always so great to hear of the changes people experience from something as simple as changing their diet. I wanted to say, although I haven't had lifelong depression, I have had symptoms of depression here and there. One major thing I have noticed is similar to what you described as being happy for no reason at all. It's almost a high like feeling. I have been sitting around the house and smiled because I just felt happy out of no where! LOL! It's strange, isn't it!