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New To TPB, about 3 weeks running now

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  • New To TPB, about 3 weeks running now

    Hello to those who can provide their knowledge, wisdom and experience to help keep me going on the right track.

    So I read the Primal Blueprint and changed my lifestyle immediately. I am only 33 and have been living the SAD for almost my entire life, and I honestly don't have much to show for it. As a young man I never thought I would have to be concerned with this until I was in my 50's or 60's and now, I am scared for my life.

    So I currently weigh in at 286.6 lbs, my blood pressure is 120/84 and Cholestorol levels are:

    TC: 184
    Trig: 127
    LDL: 129 (Fr) or 156 (Iranian)
    HDL: 30

    Total/HDL: 6.13
    Trig/HDL: 4.23
    LDL/HDL: 4.3 (Fr) or 5.2 (Iranian)

    This concerns me very much. Along with the fact I am training in Ultrasound and had a basic Carotid scan done and the trainer said I needed to go see my GP I am a little freaked out.

    My biggest question is how long does it take to see actually results on your cholestorol? I understand the weight thing takes time and I am not as concerned with that as I am getting my cholestorol ratios within the range recommened by Griff's post.

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    I started this right before I turned 32 this year! What is it about the 30's that scare us into treating our bodies with some respect? I don't know anything about cholesterol numbers, but the bp doesn't seem that bad. All I know is that if you stick with it you will feel better!! It's working for me Don't get frustrated when the weight doesn't fly off like it does on Biggest Loser (that is not maintainable!) Slow and steady wins the race!


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      Jena, I have no idea why the 30's are so scary but I have my theories! The first one is I noticed that all big-pharma commercials make 30 sound like its the beginning of the end. Thanks for the advice! I am working hard on ignoring all the criticism about going Primal and in all honesty, I don't ever foresee myself going back to a SAD diet.


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        Not the beginning of the end my friend... it's just the beginning! I will never go back to SAD either. My mom always told me my 30's would be the best years of my life... I can't make a liar out of my momma Feel free to message me with any questions (not that I will necessarily be able to answer them), complaints, or especially accomplishments good luck!!