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  • High LDL!

    So I just had my blood tested, did the usual Full blood count, iron, PSA, thyroid function, all come back in range, CRP was 1, waiting to hear the vit D result.

    Fasting blood glucose was 5.2(93.6).

    My cholesterol is worrying though, the LDL is still high, though since my last test in feb 12 the HDL has gone higher, and trigs have dropped, so not all bad.

    Here are my results, with Feb 12 results in brackets:

    Total 372(370)
    LDL 266(272)
    HDL 92(82)
    TRIGS 65(77)

    Trigs/HDL Ratio 0.70(0.93)
    Total/HDL Ratio 4.04(4.48)
    LDL/HDL Ratio 2.8(3.31)

    I guess on the whole the trend is good, and going in the right direction, but I'm still thinking the LDL is very high.

    I eat a paleish style diet, eating more fish lately, here's a rough outline of what I eat:
    Salmon, , sardines, mackeral, cod, haddock 4-5 times a week,
    beef and lamb once a week,
    Lambs Liver once a week,
    small sweet potato a day,
    1 apple a day,
    lots of veg(mainly kale, cabbage, spinach, carrotts),
    couple of squares of dark chocolate(85%) a day,
    3-4 avocadoes a week,
    raw milk kefir everyday(250ml),
    2-3 eggs 5 days a week,
    2 TBSP of greek yoghurt a day
    small amount of cheese(matchbox size) most days
    EVOO on most meals
    2cans coconut milk a week.
    small amount of Kerrygold butter a day
    Handful macadamia nuts, 1 brazil nut, small amout pumpkin seeds a day.
    Organic double cream some days as a dessert.
    Small glass of red wine with evening meal.
    1 black coffee a day, 3-4 cups green tea, rest water.
    Cinnamon, turmeric on most meals
    small amount of maca powder on veggies on evening meal

    500mg krill oil, 1g Vit C, 5000iu Vit D, 500mg Mg Citrate daily

    Any advice would be appreciated regarding my high LDL, though it has come down a tiny amount, is there anything in my diet that stands out to be 'not good'?
    Also anyone any tips to lower LDL?

    BTW I lift weights once or twice a week, cycle twice a week, fair amount of walking, so fairly active.
    I'm 5'9", 141 lbs right now.

    Many thanks

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    Lots of good threads on here but if you are worried about cholesterol read this and
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
    Don't forget to play!


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      Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
      Lots of good threads on here but if you are worried about cholesterol read this The most important thing you probably don’t know about cholesterol and

      Thanks for reply, good info on the links, looking at Griff#s primer, my ratios seem pretty good.

      As for Chris Kresser, I seem to remember reading somewhere once that he does worry when LDL goes over 200-250, not sure if I remember that correctly, will do some digging!

      Does anyone have any experience with effectively lowering LDL from high levels? my doc is looking to put me on statins soon.

      Many thanks.


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        Have you seen "Big Fat Fiasco" ??

        A bit long, but it's broken up into parts, WELL worth watching and funny, too. It explains the bad science that has wrongly connected heart disease with serum cholesterol levels ---> Big Fat Fiasco video