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Whole 30 for october. Pesco with game meats?

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  • Whole 30 for october. Pesco with game meats?

    i am thinking about doing a pesco whole 30 in october with a few game meats ( venison and wild hog ) thrown in. reason being i have read all sorts about how we used to eat lots of shell fish and swim lots in the sea. how we can be vlc if we have iodine. etc. lots of theories so i thought i would try a n=1 for a month.

    i have access to shellfish and fresh fish. i also have wild venison and wild hog in the freezer. ditching the dairy is going to be a challenge as i love cream in my coffee. i am on the fence about nuts as they give me eating disordered binge-like behaviour so i am prob better off without them around. for fruit i will stick with berries. lots of veges and avocados and also i will maybe eggs. i have been thinking about chicken and maybe, maybe not. i may just have mutton birds instead as they are sea birds.

    anyone tried this? have any good recipes? or want to join me?