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Questions regarding CAFO and safety

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  • Questions regarding CAFO and safety

    I remember reading on one of MDA's articles that the skin holds a lot of toxins and I THINK he suggested we do not eat the skin on cafo chickens for example.

    I only buy grass fed meat and pastured raised chickens/eggs, however because of any number of circumstances I do also eat out a fair amount and now I am starting to become afraid or having a hard time enjoying a meal because I fear I'm ingesting poisons (my eating out is for social reasons, not lazyness, so the point of a social outting is to enjoy ourselves right?). This morning while making bone broth for my week's meals, it occurred to me that the bones I usually get from Whole foods, while they are sitting right in the middle of all the grass feed choices, I didnt recall if the sign said that they're bones from grass fed cows. I inspected the wrapper which stated 'usda inspected' and I compared it to my grass fed meat packages wich all state : not usda inspected. So the bone broth I have been making for months is from CAFO cows!!

    My question is, how much bad stuff is being trapped in the skin, fat or bones of CAFO animals? Are certain animals 'less risky' say for example pork vs chicken?

    My second question is, are we doing more harm eating primal with cafo animals, because of the increased animal fat/skin being consumed (and with it whatever toxins/poisons) than avoiding the fats as CW tells us?

    Loving my primal life

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    It is 80/20 but the bad stuff will be hormones and antibiotics which I understand accumulate in the fat.
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      You are what you eat. This applies to animals, too. If you eat a CAFO chicken, you might as well cook yourself GMO soybean mush at your next meal. I shudder to think of how low quality restaurant meat is. Can you get your friends to agree on a different social outing? Maybe a walk in the park? If not, just order something w/o meat and eat well when you get home. Or, even better, eat some grassfed meat before you go to the restaurant and then you won't be tempted.

      I don't eat in restaurants at all anymore. All the food they sell is designed to make them money. That means it's as cheap as possible, and when you go cheap, you sacrifice quality. That means veggies drenched in pesticide and meat of miserable, sickly animals who probably lived each day of their life wishing death would come and free them from hell. And then there's the oils... and the fact that your food is probably being prepared by a teenager who doesn't wash his/her hands.

      The long and short of it is, you feel guilty for a reason -- that stuff is NASTY. Stand up for your health and find a way to socialize that doesn't center around eating.
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        Good question. I was also under the impression that all the toxins accumulate in the fat. That being said, I still think it would be better to eat the animals/animal fat than not. If you're not eating it, what are you replacing those calories with?? Grains? Something processed and CW-y? I have very, very little money right now, so I buy a pound of grass-fed beef only once a month--the rest of the meat I eat has to be, unfortunately, from CAFO animals. And trust me, I do feel bad about that. But I still consider that better than the alternative.

        As to your question about which animals are worse in CAFO conditions--I don't have an exact answer, but I had always read that cows are treated the "best" out of all of them. I feel like chickens would be the worst...
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          If you wouldn't eat something yourself, why would you eat something that ate it?

          I'd say you're better off eating no meat than eating CAFO meat. The idea of it turns my stomach. Those animals shouldn't exist. They were bred to grow big as fast as possible, screw their feelings, and then serve their purpose as a moneymaker for big business. Read about bovine growth hormone injections and then tell me the cows have it alright. (mostly an issue for dairy cows, god forbid anyone eats CAFO dairy, but still has implications for beef, and there's the antibiotic issue...)

          In the end, only you have to live with your choices. But damn... Europe doesn't import American meat. The stuff is bona fide crap. Animals that never saw the light of day, never had a proper meal, fed GMO mush and whatever byproducts were leftover that weren't considered ok for humans (and considering what the industry considers 'ok' for humans, this means literally the shit off the floor of the processing plants, in all likelihood), never allowed to develop properly, to socialize, even to MOVE in some cases, often wading in their own feces... Do you really think eating that is going to BENEFIT you?
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            If cost is an issue you could eat less but better quality and just eat some eggs, I would eat half as much meat but opt for grass-fed or game meat but it depends where your priorities lay personally.. CAFO is bottom of the barrel stuff from sick animals but if you can't afford grass-fed there's other options which are mid-level prices and not as bad.


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              Even if all your food was comercially sourced, just eating the Primal mix i.e. cutting out grains, legumes & Omega 6 and getting a good whack of Meat, Fat, Salad, fruit & veg you'll be doing twice as good as someone folowing the USDA food Pyramid.
              Get the best you can when you can, but don't sweat the small stuff.
              Can be hard though, I had a recent experience where MIL made me breakfast and fried the Eggs in Sunflower oil, I almost had the Gag reflex go, but just a bit of "Mind over Matter and I promptly knocked it down and told her it was delicious.
              It's one small dose of oxidised Omega 6 lost in my weekly Tsunami of Mono - Sat Fats, really not a problem at all.
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                Originally posted by 2ndChance View Post
                If you wouldn't eat something yourself, why would you eat something that ate it?
                I would not eat grass. I would eat grass fed cow.