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    ALL FOOD costs will be rising in 2013, across all categories. Commodities markets such as corn, soy, sugar, coffee will all see huge increases in volume & price volatility. Bottom line: stock your pantries up now. Buy a used 2nd freezer & stockpile foods you favor in your pantry as well as your freezer. Grow a fall/winter garden, learn how to can & pickle your bumper crops. Join a CSA, raise backyard chickens. BE PREPARED for the coming changes, BEFORE they come... (September is PREPAREDNESS month here in Atlanta & I think in the entire state of Georgia.)

    Meat and dairy to drive record food prices in 2013‎ - 1 day ago

    Global food prices will set records during 2013, according to a new report ... The price of pork, demonstrated by lean hog futures, will rise 31 ...

    Prepare to Pay an Extra $875 for Food in 2013 (Unless You Use ...

    Saving. Spending. Investing. Planning. Everything you need for a lifetime of financial decisions. -- DailyFinancefood-prices-rise-drought-money-sav...Share

    Aug 6, 2012 – Experts predict rising commodity prices will result in up to a 5% increase in food prices in 2013 -- and perhaps even into early 2014 -- leading to ...

    News for FOOD costs will be rising in 2013

    The rising price of commodities may lead to record food prices in 2013
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      Originally posted by Alex Good View Post
      Also if it comes down to it the people down the road have a pet pig.

      Two years ago I was doing research into starting a homestead (would still love to do it one day)... And I really liked these guys. I seem to remember they had some how to's on how to raise pigs. They are a home grown outfit, even raised money from their community to build their own onsite butcher shop and cold storage room.

      Pigs | Sugar Mountain Farm
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        found, the shortage exposed!

        25 Things That Created the World Bacon Shortage |


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          Make no mistake about it, this is a fu*king DISASTER.
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            Originally posted by bloodorchid View Post
            awww so kyuteeee!


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              Originally posted by Alex Good View Post
              Vegan forum response: BAAAWWWWWW! CUTE!

              My response: *CRUNCH*
              Mine is sort of a mixture. It's SOOO cute!! But at the same time SOOOOO YUMMY!!!


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                Originally posted by EmeraldRose View Post
                Mine is sort of a mixture. It's SOOO cute!! But at the same time SOOOOO YUMMY!!!

                The "It's SO cute!" period for pigs is amazingly short.
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                And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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                  When we raised pigs, we fed them the scraps from the restaurants we worked at. Three of us took 5 gallon buckets to work each day. We worked at three different restaurants: a Mexican restaurant, a breakfast place, and an Asian place. Their favorites were bacon, sausage, and raw turkey skins (left over from making all those "chicken" wontons). They did get lots of corn chips and beans as well. Wouldn't it be great if today's pig farmers tried this in conjunction with their nearby restaurants? They probably can't due to health codes, but there is nothing to prevent a private citizen from raising their own pigs on leftovers.
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