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  • Expecting results too quick?

    I've been primal for about a month and a half, and I've lost some fat, yes. However, I've noticed that I'm still carrying more fat than I want around my hip, butt, and thigh area. I've been following pbf for going on three weeks now, and I'm doing well. Almost level 5 for pull ups, over halfway through level 4 for push ups, and going on level 6 for planks and Squats. I also shoot for 100% primal, but hit about 90% because of the odd ice cream cup about once a week. Am I just expecting results too quick? I'm 19, 5'11, 176-177lbs, and just under 14% bodyfat

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    Your body needs to fully recover from the years of CW eating before things can kick into full gear. Give it time. After you recover, you'll get there.
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      WTF are you winding us up?
      I dont know what the levels are and can't be bothered to check, but at 14% bf you are not carrying a lot fat. If you are worried about proportions, lift heaver and get bigger.
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        Well if it helps at all, two years ago I was 250lbs, and it took me 11 months to get down to 180, then I partially reverted back up to 195, and finally got down to where I am. I've had ups and downs, I'm not trying to wind anyone up


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          At your height and weight, whatever fat you have is not coming off quickly.

          Start lifting, and make sure you are sprinting. Walk a lot.

          Tweak your calories, your macros- self-experimentation is great, though you need to stick with your plan to make sure it is or isn't working.


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            When you are at 14% body fat, it WILL take a lot longer..... That's just a fact. Did you ever notice that some people who are 100 pounds overweight can lose 15 pounds the first week? Well, you can't.... why? Because your body doesn't have much to lose in pounds or fat.
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              do everything right for 6 months then see.....