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    Healthy fruits – Fructose content edition | Thor Falk

    Also on this page is a link to information on how fructose puts strain on the liver. Apparently, don't eat too much fructose at once.

    4-5 T maple syrup is a lot of sugar. Mainly sucrose if I remember correctly. Honey is mostly fructose. I love raw honey for its enzymatic activity, though.

    I'm not going to offer any advice, but I do have a question: Is your digestion too quick? Are you passing undigested food because your food is rocketing through your GI tract?

    Congratulations on making it through a real crisis! I wish you continued health and success.

    Houston Enzymes have a great reputation in the autism community. Many kids with Autism have impaired digestion. For my son, it was protein digestion. I used a prescription enzyme (Creon), but Dr. Devin Houston offers some quality broad spectrum enzymes. AND, he will personally answer questions. He is a blessing. Although is is marketed toward kids on the spectrum, his product can be for anyone.

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