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What is a reasonable amount of fruit?

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    I think people differ in their response to insulin.
    Some have good insulin sensitivity, and some are insulin resistant, and it's up to each individual to find what works best for them.
    A good way to figure it out is to see how you react to fruit consumption.
    If you feel steady energy after eating fruit, with no crash, then your insulin sensitivity is good, and eating fruit won't pose much of a problem for you.
    If you feel lethargic and somewhat sloppy and foggy about an hour or so after eating friut, then you most likely have some degree of resistance to insulin, ie; your body has to produce more than a normal amount to counteract the glucose that is released into your bloodstream from the fruit, and the resulting crash leaves you feeling tired and lethargic.
    People with insulin resistance usually do better with diets that are lower in carbs, and sticking to veggies for carbs and upping your fat intake is probably a smart move.


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      I am half way through a Whole 30 and eating a ton of fruit- probably 5-6 servings a day. I had thought fruit (1-2 servings a day) was slowing my weightloss on primal and was suprised to see that after 20 days of Whole 30, eating all that fruit.... I have lost about 6 lbs.

      So what was apparently hindering my loss was dairy and the other random sugar I ate (in my coffee, ice cream etc.).
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        I am exactly the opposite: the weight loss/hunger blunting doesn't happen unless I eliminate all fruit. A scant 1/2 cup of blueberries a day made me gain or stall. Now I have a dish of chopped raw organic cheese instead and not only i am losing, I feel gazillion times better and don;t get hungry. I am not sure what is the matter, some sort of fructose problem maybe, and sugar thing for sure, but I can't tolerate anything sweet. Well, it's savory life for me. I think I am an exception rather than the rule though.
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          Eating fruits is good for health.I usually take strawberries and mango which, i like most
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            LOL, does suck. I'd kill for some dairy but am learning to appreciate coconut. I figured out the ghee was causing the heartburn, so no more dairy.

            It's a random thing, but just goes to show that the CW "everything in moderation" isn't always right. I am 100% positive that I am eating more calories now. Sunday was 3 eggs, a apple with cinnamon and coconut oil, a coffee with coconut milk, full fat and a sausage. Lunch was 5-6 roast beef rolls with avocado, and a giant banana and a handful of figs. A snack of deviled eggs (2 whole eggs), more figs, pistachios. Dinner was steak, kale, zucchini and even more figs.

            More food than ever.

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              How many calories a day are you counting? My goal is to lose too but I wish I had a guide line to follow as to what might be most ideal.

              Originally posted by LauraSB View Post
              I have been eating a cup of mixed berries and a small apple, banana or cup of cut up melon nearly every day and I'm pretty satisfied with my rate of weight loss. However, I count calories religiously, so theoretically, I could be substituting Twinkies for the fruit, even though that would probably make me feel like crap.

              One thing I have noticed is that calorie for calorie, fruit doesn't keep me satisfied as long as most vegetables and I think it has more to do with the blood sugar spike and drop with fruit rather than the additional fiber in the veggies.


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                Originally posted by tinacristina View Post
                How many calories a day are you counting? My goal is to lose too but I wish I had a guide line to follow as to what might be most ideal.
                What is "ideal" will differ depending on your age, height, weight, activity level and goals. There are a lot of different calculators online and when you plug your data into different ones, the results may vary by a couple hundred calories. Individual people's requirements may vary by at least that much as well. I use the LoseIt app, but there are lots of others. If you want to track calories, I would recommend doing more than just calculating how many calories you need to lose X lbs per week. Calculate the number of calories needed to maintain your current weight, to maintain your goal weight and your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you'd burn in a coma). Theoretically, a deficit of 500 calories per day below the number required to maintain your current weight will give you 1 lb per week of weight loss. These will all be estimates, but they give you a feel for where a workable budget for you will fall. One number is not enough information to make the choices that will help you develop a sustainable way of eating.

                A lot of people here are big fans of certain macro ratios. I lost weight steadily from 60-40% carbs, 25% protein and the rest fat. I actually lost faster at the higher carb ratios, but I was fatter then too, so it's not really fair to say much about the effect of carbs. Since I started counting calories in April, I've averaged about 1300 per day, ranging from 1000-2000 according to my appetite. So in the beginning, I ate 150g of carbs many days. Lately, I am more in the 75-100g range. I don't really aim for a particular ratio. I just focus on choosing good quality, nutrient dense foods that I enjoy and that keep me feeling full. I also eat dairy, fruit and probably too much alcohol.

                Once I get down to 130lbs, I will probably push a little harder on macros, sketchy primal foods and building lean muscle mass. For now, I feel like I've got my hands full where I am.
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