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Ketosis for Type 1 Diabetes

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  • Ketosis for Type 1 Diabetes

    Ok, I have been reading through some other threads recently about ketosis and the health benefits esp the one started by Paleobird. I am also familiar with Dr. Bernstein and the Diabetes Solution, I don't have the book yet but have read some of his info online.

    Some background on me...
    I have type 1 diabetes and for the last 2 years my A1C have improved dramatically. They used to run around 9 and 10. This past week it was checked and it was 6.4! (Still wanting improvement of course)
    I have been eating paleo for about 9 months now with occassional goat cheese. I've also found it easier to maintain my weight eating this way vs eating the way I did before with grains, dairy, higher carb and lower fat. I have also gained a few lbs of muscle in the past 4 months or so I also tend to prefer the more intense exercise such as intervals (sprinting) and heavy lifting.
    On lifting days (2 days a week) I eat at least 1 gram of protein per lb of total body weight and try to keep my carbs around 150-160. On sprinting days (3 days a week) My carbs have been around 70-100 with a little less protein and more fat. On off days I have been keeping carbs as low as 40 and protein in the range of .5 to .7 per lb for total body weight.

    Do I need to back off the intensity of my workouts while trying to transition into ketosis? Also I usually eat 1/2 a banana along with a little protein 1st thing in the morning before working out.... if I want to transition into ketosis is that exceptable? Or will a small bolus of insulin throw me off? I'm just a little confused about insulin and its effects on ketosis since my body does not reguate insulin by itself, I have to do it through my insulin pump.

    I want to try this for health reasons specifically to have better control of my blood sugars with out the swings. I am just curious on how it will initally affect my exercise and I also am a bit worried about losing muscle eating lower protein with ketosis.

    Also if any Type 1's can fill me in on their experiences please do!
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