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Pork....greatest food ever?

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    Thanks for the prok belly recipes!

    Oh god though, tongue. I cannot peel tongue or chop it up anymore than perform eye surgery. It's all good, but beyond me.


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      The problem with pork is it's almost impossible to get good quality pork. If people still raised pigs "the old fashioned way" I'd agree with that. I've never quite understood the notion that ruminant meat was the best because of the low omega 6 content because humans aren't ruminants. It seems to me omnivorous smaller game would not only be more likely to keep humans' fatty acid profiles "where it should be" due to genetic similarities, but also because we've probably been eating them a lot longer - the technology to kill wild buffalo, horses and other ruminants would have been a more recent invention.

      I don't see why we should stress over fatty acid profiles of meats. If it's meat, it's probably okay sans some poisonous animals/fish. O6 in meat is arachidonic acid, anyway. It's the linoleic plant-based O6 that's problematic, and even then it only seems to hold true when isolated in oils and stripped of its micronutrients and tocopherols/tocotrienols. Walnuts have a similar fatty acid profile to soybean oil, but I've never seen a study showing walnuts are harmful and I believe soybean oil to be one of the most toxic things on Earth. I just ate walnuts in my dinner salad.
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