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    If you prefer to plan and such, that's no big deal. It puts a lot of people off, but if you like it, then there's no harm in doing it.

    I eat between 1500-1700 calories per day depending upon where I am in my cycle. I have odd days of less than 500 (or no food) and odd days of 2000 or so, too -- those might happen a couple of times month. This is because I don't actually count and such and just follow how I feel. So, I'm not like you. LOL

    I'm also not trying to loose weight or anything, but Mark has a whole bunch of great blogs on how to get started on your specific goals. I do a basic primal blueprint/maintenance. Nothing too special.

    Then the ratios are 40-50% fat, 25-30% protein; 25-30% carbohydrate.

    And from there, you can easily plan your meals.


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      If you'd like a week menu check Weekly Paleo Meal Plan | Elana's Pantry


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        Thanks and I agree I have to not have any or the cravings don't leave. Doing great today and hasn't been hard so far. I have been doing it for few months other than this past week for some reason.
        So back on track once again..........


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          My advice is that whatever you eat should be healthy and should provide the essential nutrients to the body for its growth.Instead of 3 larger meals you can go for various submeals at regular interval of time a day.This will help in digestion and you will not feel tired.

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