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  • pork rinds

    i love LOVE salty, crunchy snacks. instead of my usual, somewhat carby nut snack (hehe nut snack.. sorry), i want to try snacking on pork rinds. -fatty, protein rich, porky....

    i'm just a little skeptical on "good" brands vs "bad" brands. the pork industry can be, as with most meat industry, a dirty and sad world. i buy most of my meat from local markets and butcher shops to avoid CAFO and grain fed meat, but no local joints have pork rinds!

    aside from making my own, any good ideas out there? any trusty brands?

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    Given the de minimus amount of actual pork in pork rinds, I'd be more concerned about the oils (soybean? canola?) used to fry them. From a Primal Blueprint perspective, that's what I would think would disqualify pork rinds as a smart choice.


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      If you go to your local Hispanic market and get the house chicaronnes, those are usually fried in lard (you can ask.) They're also significantly cheaper than the store bought POS's.

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