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Possible solution for those who can't get full fat dairy products

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  • Possible solution for those who can't get full fat dairy products

    So where I live, there is not much demand for healthy foods. I'm lucky my local supermarket has the few organic options it does. They just recently started carrying Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt with 1.5% fat. Before, they only sold the 0% fat option. I refuse to eat non-organic dairy - hell, I'd rather eat from some local farmer but my area's really economically depressed and I'm not sure anyone here is focused on quality when all the farmers are desperate to turn a profit.

    But, I do drink coffee with lots of cream in it every morning, plus the occasional berries-n-cream treat. If I drink my morning coffee and then eat the low-fat yogurt... I like to think I'm adding the fat back in to the dairy, so to speak. Does it actually work that way? Any thoughts on this? I'm not giving up Greek yogurt, ever. Partly because my family has a history of osteoporosis, partly because after I eat it, I feel great-- I always find myself laughing at everything and smiling a lot

    But yeah, anyone think my method makes up for the nutritional deficiencies of low-fat dairy? Anyone else in the same boat as me -- can't get their hands on full-fat yogurt and gotta have the stuff?

    Also, if anyone out there still eats conventional dairy, you need to do some reading if you care about your health:

    1) Milk: America’s Health Problem

    2) Risks of Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones

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    Are there no other close grocery stores? I live near a city so maybe I'm jaded, but there are tons of grocery stores within 5-10 miles of me.

    How about milk? Do they have whole milk? If you can get pasteurized (not ULTRA pasteurized) milk, you could make your own yogurt. It's pretty easy and super tasty. Yogurt is just warmed and cultured milk, basically, so it's like eating milk with probiotics and then low fat milk. Evens you out to about 2%. You can also just add more fat to your food, instead of relying on dairy for it.

    If you're worried about calcium, there tons of veggie sources of calcium.
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      I agree with nameless wonder. Make your own yogurt. Find a source for raw or low-temp pasteurized grass-fed milk and make yogurt by the gallon. It's really easy, healthier, and much cheaper.


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        See, I don't think there's much demand in my area for raw, grass-fed milk... Everyone is broke. Me included. But it's worth poking around to see if I can find an old-school farmer, I suppose.


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          I made my own yogurt for a while and lowfat always worked best. High fat (full fat, extra fat, whatever) always turned out bad. I'd just eat the lowfat and maybe mix some cream into it. Or just buy real sour cream if you can find it (not easy) or creme fraiche or cream cheese. I'm betting you can't find unadulterated versions of any of these things (some markets in my area won't have real versions of these things) so lowfat yogurt might be the best you can do. You could quit dairy completely, too. I can't remember the last time I had anything similar to yogurt.
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