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    Originally posted by emmie View Post
    I am 71 but have had osteoarthritis since my mid-30s. Keep in mind that it's impossible to avoid a genetic tendency totally, but you can minimize the damage of arthritis. I currently take NO meds and have controlled pain and inflammation through diet and exercise. In fact, I was resigned to knee replacement because both of my knees have long been 'bone-on-bone.' However, I went to a very good surgeon in NYC (at leading hospital), and he advised me that since I'm comfortable with my limitations and have controlled the pain, I should avoid surgery as long as possible. I'm hoping to avoid it completely--although he warned me that we can only do so much--the pain can 'break through' despite our efforts. But I simply focus on my efforts.

    The key isn't your bones but the level of inflammation in the body that you want to keep very low. Increasing Omega-3 is essential, and unless you eat a lot of fish, I'd suggest fish oil supplements. I eat only grass-fed bison, and keep in mind that conventially raised beef is highly inflammatory. Egg yolks are also inflammatory, and although I love whole eggs, I can tell the difference if I stay with whites only. Eliminate all grains and sugar. If I indulge in a sugary treat (very rarely) I will have pain within 12 hours in all my joints.

    Since I really have no knee joints, I do strength work for the large muscles in my legs because good muscle tone relieves the work of any joints. For years, I swam laps, but my shoulders no longer allow me to swim regularly, so I now take water aerobics classes for more exercise without stressing my joints.
    Oops, i don't think i knew about conventionally raised beef being inflammatory. Ok, now to get busy finding grass fed. Thanks so much for your help!