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    Hi there, I am 5 months pregnant, and 37. Have had rough first part with not being able to eat and once I could, last 3 weeks, I got to eating a bowl of gluten free granola and 2 eggs with organic non-homogenized milk for breakfast... being only thing that I could eat without feeling crappy. Still not sleeping and trying to get back to primal lifestyle I had down good before becoming pregnant.

    I feel a little lost at the moment... I am wondering if anyone on here has any helpful advice. I need to get my good sleep back and off the grains and back to primal. I don't feel like myself.. no energy, and just happy to eat.. and feel like I have lost my way from healthy eating. not exercising beyond walking and my busy eating is sporadic and I've been eating more sugary foods lately when I eat.

    I realize a lot of the emotional stuff is text book pregnancy, but it's a bit un-nerving since I had worked hard to get those things out of my life and even beat an emotional eating habit I had since a being a teenager. After trying many plans to be healthy and lean, and feel good, I was so happy to find primal worked for me.... so it's so important i get it back.

    Anyhow.. I thought maybe the community and support here could help. Not many people I know agree or are willing to eat and live this way. My husband supports me, but he also eats differently. Not willing to go as far as I have gone, and has none of the tummy trouble I had, or excess chub from eating and exercising the conventional way.

    Thanks for your time