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What is YOUR version of "Primal" eating?

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    I saw this as more of a "What's your 80%" thread. I don't keep track of amounts except that I was eating VLC for a while, which just meant not eating starches. I eat when I'm hungry, I don't when I'm not, but I tend to function best with at least 2 meals a day.

    -Meat, fish, eggs
    -Frozen veggies because they're cheaper
    -Starting to eat more fruit (not being particular about what's not "paleo")
    -Starting to eat more starches again (potatoes of any kind, not being picky about skins)
    -Fats are usually butter (but switching to ghee to go dairy free due to stomach issues), bacon grease, and olive oil; will also be getting coconut oil soon but being careful with it since it has a strong laxative effect on me

    I was eating ice cream, but since I can't do dairy now, I stick to chocolate and hot chocolate made with coconut milk. I buy gluten-free treats maybe once every few months (like cookies), but found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that only has a few ingredients, so I'll probably just make it myself from now on. I also plan on experimenting with pumpkin custards.

    I eat organic fruit and starches whenever possible, because that is more affordable than organic meats.
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      Type B:
      Ifyou’re a Type B, you have a strong penchant for sweets – candy,ice cream, cookies, cake, you name it. Your body is actually cryingout for healthy carbs, but you’re craving sugar instead.

      70% carbs
      20% protein
      10% fats
      See, exactly. I thought I was the type, clear as day. In 99% of cases I would pick a fruit over ANYTHING in the world. Given the choice, I would merrily live off non-fat fish and shrimp, buckets of fruit and vegetables, skim dairy and buckwheat/millet type grains. I would also eat jams & honey. That 'natural' choice will easily lend me overweight (because I can't control my appetite and sugar addiction) and diabetic in less than a year.
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