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Primal 30 for October. Who's in?!

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    Originally posted by primalrob View Post
    knifegill started this thread, and exercise was just sort of part of it for a lot of people...more than the food for some. personally, i wanted to put more emphasis on focusing more on the moving slowly than on being super careful with my diet. i've been eating primal for a couple of years and the whole30 is nothing more than a way to test insensitivities to foods at this point. but, for me, this was a way to get back into a better exercise routine than i was doing since starting a new job a couple months ago

    so, i guess you could call it more of a primal30.
    Ah; yes, true about testing sensitivities. Dairy was primary, for me, at least.

    Ok, good to know I'm not missing something huge in the workout personal challenge: stop trying to be so exact!