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Tastes so good I feel guilty...

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  • Tastes so good I feel guilty...

    Hi all...

    This is my second attempt at living paleo and so far, so good (few days).

    I got my exercise done for today and came home and made dinner. It was so good I feel guilty and I can't help wondering if I did something wrong.

    I cooked and ate:

    2 bacon wrapped chicken thighs with the 'quick mushroom sauce' I found here and made it per the suggestions with white wine and garlic (organic).

    I also finished a medium sized organic avocado and salsa guacamole instead of snacking on corn chips while I cooked.

    The flavours were incredible and I'm full, satiated and feel great (physically)...

    Your comments?



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    Nope, that seems about right.
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

    Griff's cholesterol primer
    5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
    Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
    TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
    bloodorchid is always right


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      Thanks Magic...


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        Tonight was my monthly trip to my friends house for dinner with my daughter(wife's bowling night). My friend is a butcher and owns a meat market. We had USDA Prime bone-in ribeye, perfectly aged and cooked on his pellet grill to med-rare. The best food known to man! I get to smoke up some ribs next Thursday night for him and his 2 kids. Can't wait!


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          Tonight, my partner got boneless skinless abused chicken breast. I got steak. Some people just don't understand good food. Welcome to the inner circle.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.