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Alcohol and weight training!

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  • Alcohol and weight training!

    Hi Guys,

    This ones a bit ambiguous?

    My friend who is a big drinker, Thursday through till Sunday drinking a bottle of wine to himself a night??!!??

    What i'm finding hard to understand and hope someone with more knowledge can help is he trains 5 times a week? Hell Run 2.5 miles twice a week then weights and conditioning circuits 3 times a week and hell go hard.

    He does not have any adverse effects. The only thing is he does not put muscle on(which i understand from the alcohol consumption).

    Now this is what is confusing me?

    He has recently given up Alcohol completely? (2 weeks)

    His strength and stamina have gone. He has reduced his weight because he cant lift them. Hes pulling muscles and getting cramp that never happened before.

    Can anyone give reasons why and and any supplements or foods that would help.

    Thanks for your time

    P.S Hes been Primal for 20months

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    Just a guess: some sort of carb withdrawal. Wine doesn't have a lot of alcohol in it. Since there is neither much fat nor protein in wine, the rest of the calories are from carbs.

    Anytime you change something big in your eating patterns, there's a chance of feeling kind of "off" for a bit, even if the change is for the better. The first time I quit smoking, I felt like I had a cold for about six weeks. Not sure why my body would give me more breathing problems temporarily, but it did.

    But it's just an observational guess. There are most likely athletes here who can give you a better answer.
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