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How much fat is too much ?? Day 11

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  • How much fat is too much ?? Day 11

    Hi -

    I started the PB program 11 days ago with a group of people from my crossfit box. I don't eat meat and haven't for 25 years. I'm mostly vegan but I do eat fish and have started to eat quite a bit of salmon. I do track my diet daily on my iphone via FitDay mobile. I am 5'3 and weigh 160. Through my tracking I am obtaining 80-100 grams of protein (from fish, nuts, leafy greens and a plant based protein powder that has a total of 4gr. carbs per serving) the non animal protein that i eat does have the essential amino chain to be considered a complete protein as meat is. Anyway I am eating[B] 50 carbs a day, 80-100 grams of protein and my fat ranges from 40-90 grams. On days that it's 80-90 I feel like that's too much. Is it? I am really low energy in the afternoons and know that I need to give my system some time to turn around and to start burning fat as fuel? Is that the right concept? As a vegan I was eating too many carbs - even tho they were plant based. The scale isn't moving for me but I have lost a few inches. Does it take the scale awhile to move?

    Thanks a million for reading my thread - I feel so out-of-sorts with all the changes but am focused on making this work.

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    No, that's probably not too much.
    50g carbs x 4 calories/g =200calories
    100g protein x 4 calories/g = 400 calories

    Those are decent numbers. The rest of your caloric needs will have to be filled with fat.
    100g fat x 9 calories/g = 900 calories.

    That gives you a grand total of 1500, which seems a bit low for most people doing crossfit. You could probably increase both your protein and add a few more carbs, but fat is where the bulk of your calories should come from.


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      I eat around 30 grams of fat a day. Fat should be 20%-25% of your total calories.


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        40-90 grams is not too high, by any means. Perhaps you may benefit from reading Peter Attia's Eating Academy. He provides an excellent explanation of the relationship of fats, high cholesterol, heart disease.

        torres clearly needs to sit on his fingers and do a bit of reading before posting.


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          Fat can easily be 60% or more of your daily caloric intake. Protein should be no more than 25%. The remainder is carbs. 30 grams of fat is not Paleo or Primal, that's the standard American diet of fat phobia.


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            Originally posted by Miss Understood View Post
            Protein should be no more than 25%.
            Respectfully, where do you get this idea?
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              Originally posted by torres View Post
              I eat around 30 grams of fat a day. Fat should be 20%-25% of your total calories.
              I take it you are joking?


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                Digesting a lot of protein produces higher levels of uric acid and can give some people kidney stones. I have never seen dietary guidelines by anyone where they recommended more than 25% protein.


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                  the dietary guidelines you are obviously looking at are the exact same ones I suspect that would be telling us that 60% of cals should come from healthy carbs like bread and pasta :-) high dietary fat in the context of a high carb diet is not a good idea, but in the context of a low carb diet, it is generally considered to be a very different thing if you are eating low carb, as the body utilises the dietary fat for fuel, leaving trig levels in the blood stream a lot lower than if you ate the SAD.

                  If you restrict carbs, eat moderate protein, the rest of the energy has to come from fat.
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                    you don't need to go over 30% of your kcals from protein. more won't kill yhou, but yhou simply don't need it. too much just gets converted to glucose and gets stored as extra bodyfat.

                    my fats are usually closer to 60-70% of my day.

                    btw, you're NOT a vegan if you're eating fish. animal proteins are good for you. eat them. protein powders are processed and simply do not feed the body the same way as real food.

                    too many nuts could be causing you to not lose weight. they're a garnish, not a food group. you may also just need to up your fats more consistently to get enough fuel to avoid the lethargy and kick-start weight loss.
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