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Dates...the sugary fruit...not the evening out

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  • Dates...the sugary fruit...not the evening out

    I eat damn clean paleo. No dairy, no grains, no sugar, no crap....but I crave dates and once I start eating dates it is harder than hard to stop. I rather eat dates than chocolate any day. Most days the only fruit I eat are dates...I try to stick to three or a single serving but then there are days like today when I ate the dates until they were gone and then walked around looking for something like a date...thankfully nothing to be found.

    Am I missing some ingredient...some food group....what the hell makes me want all these dates. I have looked on the internet and sweet cravings can be caused my magnesium deficiency...but I get lots of my doc has me supplementing it.

    I have been told that I need to do AI paleo but I can't get a grip on the dates...and I feel like I need to get some control over that so I can do the AI.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    First world problems, hah. Dates are delicious. You'll probably grow out of the obsession. I went through a similar thing with figs for a few months


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      Dates make you eat more maybe? Damm when I buy a package of 15, I usually eat them all in a day..
      well then


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        From here: Calories in Dates, Domestic, Natural And Dry | Nutrition Information Facts and Data Analysis

        An 8.3 gm date (about a third of an ounce), has 23 calories.
        Of that, 6.2 gms are carbohydrate.
        Of the carbohydrate, 5.3 grams are sugars. (5.3 gm x 4 cal/gm of carb/sugar = 21.2)

        So, 21.2 out of every 23 calories comes from sugar. This is a whopping 92%.

        So, while dates are primal, they are almost all sugar. If you're sensitive to sugar or carbs, it's no wonder they are your binge food.
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          I went through a similar thing with figs for a few months
          Going through the fig love right now. Wrapped in bacon and baked they are AMAZING. Mmmmmm...figs.

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            Same here -- eat them until they are gone. Between the delicious texture and taste...yeah. Don't buy them, don't eat them. No control available.
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              Is eating dates causing you problems? Moodiness, fatigue, weight gain, etc.? If not, then don't worry about it and enjoy them.


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                Originally posted by tarek View Post
                Is eating dates causing you problems? Moodiness, fatigue, weight gain, etc.? If not, then don't worry about it and enjoy them.
                Great point!

                I would also ask if you're eating any starchy carbs? When I'm not eating enough starchy stuff I seem to crave something sweet.


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                  My husband and I also loves dates. He especially will eat them until they are gone. If I buy them, I don't get very many of them They are definitely our sugary treat, and not purchased regularly.


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                    I have been craving figs and dates as well recently. Luckily I have had the willpower to restrain most times as I am VLC-ing. I find fig spreads with cheeses like brie to be so yummy


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                      I don't eat any starchy carbs, I love the damn is easiest to leave them at the grocery store. I have auto immune issues up the yang and so shouldn't be eating them. I can't lose weight...ok...not can't but it takes a hell of a lot of effort and not eating dates would probably help. It is more that I don't like the loss of control when they are around. I was a diet coke addict for years and had my last one 4 years ago...I hate not having control.

                      Thank you everyone for your thoughts...yup it is a 1st world problem...and a delicious one.


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                        I can eat a few at a time as long as I don't gorge on them. What I've been doing lately is for every date I eat I pop two macadamia nuts in my mouth at the same time and chew them up together. It's datey, buttery, creamy goodness and I'm good with two-three as a snack.
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                          Dates are amazing, but the sugar content is staggering, its like 60g sugar/100g of dates.
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                            Thank goodness it's not just me. I'm the same, I buy them and eat them until they're gone! Now I just rush past the date shelf in the store.
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                              There's a vendor who sells organic dates by the pound at a nearby farmer's market. I sampled one and pretty much ran away. It was so damn good that I wanted to buy the pound and just eat all of it at once =.= But seriously, way better than any dates I could get at Whole Foods.
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