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  • Cottage Cheese Substitute

    Does anyone have a good sub for cottage cheese. I don't eat ot personally but it is on the ingredient list of alot of smoothies and other recipies. I was just wondering of there is anything else I could use.

    P.S. it has nothing to do with dairy consumption, I do have dairy sporadically. I honestly just can't get past the whole lumpy mess of it all.

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    In a smoothie you could probably get away with using yogurt, and maybe cut down some of the liquid ingredients to make up for it (I think yogurt would be more liquidy overall... that's a guess). But in a smoothie it's not gonna be lumpy at all anymore so I don't think that should be an issue... unless you can't even stand to look at it as you scoop it out of the container. =P

    Ricotta could be used in some recipes instead, if you're ok with that texture. In some things you could maybe use goat cheese.

    If you eat soy, you could use tofu in some cases.

    If you post an example recipe we could probably help more. =]

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      Hi Mayness, The recipe if for a "Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie" it sounds really good I just haven&#39;t tried it yet:

      1/2 c canned pumpkin

      1 tsp ground cinnamon

      2 tbsp pecans, walnuts or almonds

      1/2 c cottage cheese

      1 scoop vanilla protein powder

      I guess I could try it with the cottage cheese but to me it just seems goopy (is goopy a real thing!?!) :-)

      Thanks for the suggestions.


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        I&#39;d use coconut milk instead of cottage cheese in a recipe like that one.

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          The cottage cheese should blend right up, and not be lumpy or "goopy" at all

          But full fat greek yogurt could also be used, it&#39;s much thicker than regular plain yogurt, and has a nice tangyness to it.

          Blended cottage cheese is sometimes used as a substitute for ricotta cheese (lower fat recipes I think), so you can imagine the texture to be similar to ricotta already. I think it&#39;s easier to find good greek yogurt than it is to find good quality cottage cheese, so I&#39;d use the yogurt, but it may be a different story where you&#39;re at.

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            A natural, plain Greek yogurt would be a good try (thicker than regular yogurt). It&#39;s got a similar macro nutrient profile as well, I believe.

            But if you&#39;re blending the cottage cheese, it should do away with the lumpy consistency completely. The shake might be thick from the cottage cheese, protein powder, and pumpkin combination. If you don&#39;t want that, you can always add water and blend again.