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Where The Heck Are Your Carbs Coming From?

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  • Where The Heck Are Your Carbs Coming From?

    I'm not really trying to increase carbs or anything, since I feel great eating about 70% fat, work out hard all the time with no issues, etc., but I'm just wondering how people are getting like 200g of carbs eating Primal. I thought I ate a decent amount of carbs today (ate a couple of huge meals, lots of veggies, some berries, etc.), and when I plugged it into FitDay it was still a 60g carb day. I don't eat a lot of fruit besides berries, just the very occasional apple or banana on a heavy lift day, but even that is pretty rare.

    I guess I'm just wondering where these carb totals come from that I see people post.

    Side note: FitDay takes FOREVER to input all my stuff. Is there a faster site to calculate? I only put a day in every couple of weeks just to check if there's more stuff I should be eating, but it's a pain.

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    I can get a little overboard on fresh organic fruit... tree fruit especially.
    Oh, and nuts. I love nuts. I think they are a bit carby... not terrible.

    I've been mostly sticking to < 100 grams per day.


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      1 lb of Korean tteok gets me to around 200-300g pretty quick.

      I've also had fructose binges on 2-3lbs of cherries/apples/peaches/etc. = 300-400g

      On normal lifting days I eat 1 lb of sweet potato and that gets me to 100g.
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        Kumara (sweet potatoes), yams (who knows what *that* is in your part of the world), and bananas.

        Edit: Added a pic of what I call yams: yams.jpg
        Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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          there are lots of ways. When I just eat the leafy-sorts of veggies and 1 piece of fruit (berries or orange or apple or two kiwifruit), then I'm around 80g. When I also eat kumara (sweet potato) or squash, then it goes over 100. It would not be difficult for me to get 200, just by eating a bit more fruit on a day where I also have kumara and squash. Though, that would be a very rare day because that doesn't sound that fabulous.


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            I eat close to 300g a day. Potatoes, dairy, bananas, berries
            well then


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     is fairly okay for tracking. It has a few glitches, but it's free so whatever. It seems pretty fast.

              There's been a shift in my eating lately. Just low carbing (like under 50 grams) because I'm not hungry for carbs. Yesterday, I "binged" on raspberries, and I still stayed just below 50 (so not that big a binge, but about three times more than I'd usually eat in a sitting).

              I was going to splurge today and eat a white potato with my steak. Totally wasn't in the mood once the steak was grilled. I'm sure this will cycle out and I'll be more in the mood for veggies other than greens, but for right now I'm just letting my body do its thing.

              Root veggies are a bit carby as is white rice. Fruits other than berries and citrus are fairly carby. Also, I guess people who work out hard carb out once in awhile.
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                I don't track carbs... some days I imagine are quite low, others more moderate.
                I have a serving, maybe two, per day of raw milk.
                Occasional rice... a couple times a month.
                Winter squash once a week or so.
                Other than than just the lower carb veggies...
                I don't eat potatoes/sweet potatoes for personal reasons.
                When summer fruits were in season I ate them... cherry season had a couple of big yummy binges.
                Honey Crisp apple season will hit soon, and I'll have one of those here and there as well. I simply cannot resist a fresh juicy Honey Crisp!

                I don't worry about it much either Low or slightly "higher"... I always feel fine.
                Although rice this week left me feeling bloated a bit.
                Since I have so few choices for clean carbs (no potatoes), I felt I would try adding it in... Bleh.
                Previously I was only eating it when I went out for sushi.
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                  I get my carbs from starchy squashes. I love kabocha. I don't eat much fruit so my carb sources are all vegetables.
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                    Others have already mentioned what I would have said. I struggle really hard to keep carbs low because I want to eat all the above. But I am only about half way to where I need to be, so I count, and therefore limit. Maybe some day I wont
                    65lbs gone and counting!!

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                      Root vegetables, fruit, fresh dairy. It easily adds up to 150 g if you don't eliminate it.
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                        Potatoes, sweet potatoes, squashes, root vegetables, other veg, fruit, white rice, dairy, sometimes a little honey or maple syrup in a treat (masala chai with a touch of honey as an example).
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                          Dates and figs can bump the total up quickly. Bonus that both of them taste good with savory items such as cheese or even ham or bacon. Cut date, remove pit, fill with cheese, close date and nom nom nom.
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                            I stay pretty low carb, but the ones I do get tend to come from fruit (cranberries and green apple in a primal chicken salad most days), nuts, and very dark chocolate. I'm not a big leaf-veggie fan and I don't go out of my way to get them into my diet, so the plants I usually end up eating have some carbs -- usually sweet potatoes, avocados, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, onion, bell pepper. Sometimes a carrot. Then there's dairy -- I'm trying to phase that out, but I still put HWC in my coffee in the morning and haven't managed yet to get the cheese out of my eggs.


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                              Yeah I don't eat a lot of fruit, so most of the time I get them from Root vegetable, mainly potatoes, cassava, or plantains because of their low fiber content (or so i've read) but not in a lot of quantities. Yesterday my professor gave me a weird fruit he founded in a tree around campus. Velvet persimmon or something, and tasted great so i ended up eating 3 of them. That might have up a little bit lol I got kind of dizzy.