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Fat sources in college dining halls?

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  • Fat sources in college dining halls?

    Hello everyone!

    I am in my first year in college and required to be on the full meal plan. I've been primal for about a year now (but I've only recently started weaning myself off of dairy). So far, I can get enough protein and enough vegetables, but I'm having great difficulty getting good sources of fat in the college dining halls. The only fat source available is canola oil salad dressings (so I've been skipping the dressing). Then, because I'm still hungry after my meals, I tend to reach for all the sweet stuff in the cafeteria (dessert is out in my face from when the dining halls open to when they close).

    Does anyone have any advice for me with regards to either good fat sources for college students or tips on staying away from all the junk food laid out?

    I've been trying to stock some avocados in my fridge and considering trying out the coconut yogurts sold at Whole Foods. I'm also trying to quit dairy, but should I put this off for now so that I can get some fat from cheeses?

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    Back when I was in college (this was over a decade ago) our dining hall suddenly switched from butter packets to margarine packets. I enlisted the aid of a bunch of sorority broads to make some high quality, extremely provocative protest signs and banners and then me and a few of my friends spent the night blanketing the campus with them. It created a real buzz on campus the next day and two weeks later the butter packets returned. You need to be proactive with regards to this. Fight the power. Agitate for change. I'd start by replicating my stunt with the posters and banners, and if that doesn't work, progress to Fat Sit Ins and Freedom Fat Marches. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Good Luck!


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      butter butter butter. if they have butter there, ok, but you might want to consider bringing your own. if you can find it near you, kerrygold makes a great grass-fed butter that is affordable. you could also bring in your own olive oil or coconut oil. i've actually been trying to switch up my diet again to keep the fat but not overdo it on's hard if you're not eating dairy. if you're cool with coconut, you could also store some cans of coconut milk in your room.


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        Make your own dressing to carry around, make coconut milk shakes with a blender in your dorm, buy coconut chips to snack on or put on top of salads, eat plenty of eggs (yolks are mostly fat).
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          Go to a sports store that sells camping gear and buy essential bottles such as Coleman's Coleman - Bagged Essentials Bottles. Since they are none spill you can carry your olive oil salad dressing in that.

          Fermented dairy such as full fat yogurt and cheese is ok and actually seems to help prevent obesity. It's not sure why that's so but it may be due to being fortified with Vitamin D
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            Whole eggs and butter. Request that the cafeteria supply real butter and not margarine. And if you can find a good Asian market, you should be able to get coconut milk for around $1-2 a can.