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IBS despite primal, and I'm about to lose my mind!

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    [QUOTE=MamaGrok;959086]Enilegna, I wonder if my gall bladder might only look bad after I've eaten fat, triggered a bile release, but maybe it's not releasing for some reason? That's why I wonder if the $700 might have been a waste, if I hadn't had any fat. Kind of like having a celiac test run when you haven't had any wheat in 6 months.

    Ohh, ok. Sorry, I don't know anything about that. I can only guess that the pain might leave some bruising (Bruising of the gallbladder?) but I see what you mean, getting sick is defenitely not cheap!


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      Originally posted by belle1954 View Post
      There were no restrictions. the doctor said eat whatever i wanted but if I ate something that made me sick or hurt, etc. that i should wait for a few weeks and try it again. I didn't have huge problems before. only 1 gall bladder attack but my big problem was back pain. that was daily and very annoying.
      Most of the time everytime I eat I get pain on my left side, although it varies in place. High on the back or inside, lower on the stomach, but always on the left :/. What about exercising? Did it take you too long to go back to any LHT routines or any exercise? My friends have been warning me to not even clean aroung the house for fear I might rip the wound and cause myself an internal inflammation .. yippe


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        I just had another idea.

        Do you know if you have a histamine intolerance? This is something that is newly on my radar, because my husband just came up with a theory that this might be his issue. He is prone to gastrointestinal upset, which is one of the symptoms, and he tends to get a racing heart, which is another symptom. I never in a million years would have thought this was a problem for him, but now that we're tracking what he's eating with his symptoms, there seems to be a connection.

        Histamine is in certain foods, and other foods trigger the body to release it, even if the food itself doesn't contain histamine. Usually people with this issue don't produce enough of the enzyme that breaks down the histamine, so there it's possible that some people can't handle any histamine-containing/producing food while others can have varying thresholds.

        Histamines tend to be in foods that are fermented (like beer, wine and KOMBUCHA!!!), and foods that are cured (like bacon, cold cuts, sausages, etc...) as well as a few other oddball items (like chicken and tomatoes, and a few others. It's such a weird collection of foods that it SEEMS as if there is no pattern in what causes problems, but if you cut out these foods to do an elimination test, it should be obvious pretty quickly if this is your issue or not.

        Here are some links, but it's a pretty easy thing to google for more info:

        Histamine Intolerance - Allergy UK

        What Is Histamine Intolerance? | Take The Histamine Intolerance Test

        Histamine Intolerance