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just had hernia surgery. any foods i can eat to help with inflammation?

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  • just had hernia surgery. any foods i can eat to help with inflammation?

    id rather not take ibuprofen if i dont have to. would turmeric help in calming inflammation? berries?

    also since ill be pretty much resting for today and tomorrow should i skip coffee or would having some help in some way?

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    Turmeric tea? Also some good bone broth would be nice. I would skip the coffee, as it would upset my tummy.

    However, having just been through abdominal surgery, I would lean far, far against skipping the ibuprofen unless you have other liver issues that are of concern. Adequate pain control is a critical part of the healing process. If your body is in pain, your stress level is going to be higher, sleep is less deep and restorative, that will lead to reduced ability to heal. I would go on the side of a few days of ibuprofen, and then a nice period of time afterwards with minimal liver stress to recover. Invasion of the abdominal cavity is very stressful for the body, and it simply takes time to recover.

    Be well!


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      I second the turmeric - in any food if your postop diet allows. I've had good luck with herbal equivalents such as white willow bark (it's like aspirin) and valerian root after mastectomy surgery.

      You still may want to consider using ibuprofen in the evenings or at night for a few times. Adequate rest/sleep is also important for recovery but if your in pain, that's hard to accomplish.

      Best wishes!
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        dude, you just had neolithic surgery. take some neolithic pain killers. turmeric makes food yellow. it aint a pain killer. there's no point in calming inflammation right now, inflammation is natural at this point (you just got cut open & stitched!) and is how your body will repair itself.

        btw, i'm having an inguinal mesh repair in early november. hope you heal up okay!!


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          There is an herb called arnica available both a a pill and a tea. It helped me a lot with post surgical inflammation and was actually recommended by an MD. (so not woo-sci)