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Lethargy & low-carb flu; what happens if the adaptation is interrupted by carbs?

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  • Lethargy & low-carb flu; what happens if the adaptation is interrupted by carbs?

    Hey guys!

    Today marks my 7th day of being 100% primal. My diet is entirely composed of meat (mostly grass-fed and organic) and vegetables. I eat 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner. I eat only when I am hungry, and those 2 meals seem to satisfy me enough. Carb intake is minimal, as the only source is from the vegetables I eat (non-starchy; I eat mostly peas, carrots, brocolli etc.)

    I feel immensely lethargic. I feel like doing nothing but lying on my bed and just relaxing all day! Physically, my body feels very heavy and slow to maneuver. Mentally, I feel sluggish, and lack the motivation to do much except lie on my bed and relax all day. I'm not lazy, I assure you! :P

    I've actually been through this phase before around last month, when I was attempting to go primal for a full month. I was doing well until I hit the 15/16th day mark. I decided to 'treat' myself to a bar of Green & Black's Organic 85% Dark chocolate. About 15g of carb I think, but I ate the whole thing that day. Then I bought some more.

    To cut to the chase, for that particular weekend, I consumed around 200-300g of carbs, maybe more. The reason for this is because the chocolate triggered some cravings and I ended up binging on chocolate (not just Green & Black's, either.) I felt somewhat energetic and in a much better mood for those days, and then promptly fell off the wagon and felt awful.

    Did this carb-up interrupt my keto-adaption to burning fats? I wasn't fully adjusted so I'm wondering whether my body has 'reset' the metabolism to burning 100% glucose again.

    I have no intentions of messing up anymore. My mindset is set in stone and I'm completely focused on my goal.

    How does it feel to come out of the low-carb flu? Was it transitional or did you feel all the energy rushing back after waking up one morning?

    All feedback is appreciated! Thanks!