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Digestive enzymes for weight loss

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  • Digestive enzymes for weight loss

    Anyone been using digestive enzymes for overall health and weight loss? It has been helping my health issues lately, especially since going primal and having to digest heavier meals than I'm used to. Curious to know if people have experienced weight loss from enzymes, I'm trying to convince my parents to get on them because I have a theory that they would help with digestion/absorption/weight loss for them as they switch over to this diet.

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    I've never heard anything about this. If it works, I doubt it works very well, because if food is better digested, your stomach and intestines would better absorb the calories and nutrients and you'd end up getting more calories from the same food. Digestive enzymes help minimally to break down food, your stomach acid does that quite well on its own.
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      Robb Wolf is a huge fan of NOW brands super enzymes. He's coming from a place of some big digestive & auto-immune issues, he talks about it in almost every podcast. Not sure if it helps with weight loss per se but if your gut isn't working up to snuff & stuff is sneaking through intestinal walls because it isn't or can't be broken down effectively, it makes sense that you could experience some trouble holding onto weight due to inflammation etc.


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        I think enzymes take a load of your pancreas and other glands. I highly recommend them.
        They do not promote weight loss, instead what happens after awhile is that people feel more satiated and eat less.
        I've been taking them for about 6 months and I actually gained about 5-8 lbs over the summer months because I go crazy on fruit, esp. berries. Every summer I also drink a ton of raw goats milk.

        Enzymes are very good for the elder who are starting to break down and glands cannot produce the amount of enzymes they once did when they were young.
        Raw Liver supplement is another excellent supplement every older person should take!