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Seafood - Mercury, Radiation, Gulf Oil Concerns

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  • Seafood - Mercury, Radiation, Gulf Oil Concerns

    I love seafood and eat salmon for dinner almost every night. But should I? Always wild caught. I've heard there's a difference between Atlantic and Alaskan, I think the Atlantic is more contaminated? And I've heard that there may be radiation concerns for the Alaskan? I like shrimp a fair bit too, but the Gulf is concerning... I'm nursing baby grok, otherwise I probably wouldn't give this much if any thought. What are your thoughts?
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    Found this~ Atlantic salmon (farmed) - Seafood Selector - Environmental Defense Fund

    Personally, I eat wild caught Alaskan Salmon only and no more than 3 times a month. For some reason I haven't yet figured out, any more often seems to cause joint pain for me.