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What is the deal with bulletproof coffee and what is it suppose to do?

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    Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    IMO this is a pretty good article and it's worth a read.

    Insulin: An Undeserved Bad Reputation, Part 3…MOOOOO!!!! » Weightology Weekly
    I've read it before, thanks. It is a good read, and I really don't have anything against insulin. When used correctly.
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      Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
      I really don't eat that much food. I probably average around ~2400 calories a day, which is probably a significant deficit compared to most of the guys on this forum due to my size. I can only really eat "large" meals 1-2 hours after lifting heavy because that's what it takes to get me really hungry. Also, factor in I virtually never snack, never drink calories (outside of irregular brushes with alcohol) and only eat maybe twice a day. And lunch is always just a salad.

      Over the past year I've gained 21 lbs, and it was not easy. Last October I weighed 132 lbs. Now, I weigh 153 lbs. However, I still fit into all the same clothes. Losing weight is easy, gaining weight is even easier, but gaining quality weight - that takes a lot of patience and time, and you have to do it slowly.

      Ultimately eat whatever you want to eat. That's your business. The only thing I have a problem with is the notion that drinking large quantities of butter is not only healthy, but somehow will help you lose weight. Umm, what? Empty calories by definition!

      I'd like you to note that my reply had absolutely nothing to do with calories. It had to do with food VOLUME.
      I've seen many posts from you that included "x pounds of sweet potatoes, a stack of several turkey burgers, and like a quart of yogurt mixed with pumpkin, etc" or whatever... THOSE posts are what I find gluttonous and disgusting.
      I know that maybe you don't think it's "a lot", but HolyFreakinCow... it'd fill a dumptruck the way I see it.
      All good clean food, yes. Just way too freaking much.
      I can't, seriously can not even imagine, and would never wish to, eat that volume of food.
      To the point that seeing such huge piles followed by what seems like bragging "Look at my giant awesome pile of food" makes me feel ill.
      So, I really completely feel the need to skip over those types of posts... especially with pictures.
      I can feel the stomach ache via osmosis I guess.

      Some butter seems like a good trade when it comes down to either forcing food in and feeling sick, or lowering food volume.
      If it's not for you, that's fine.
      You do your thing.
      It's not necessary for everyone else to do your thing too... is it?

      Yes, there is little difference between sugary drinks and bulletproof coffee. It's almost entirely empty calories, and they can both easily be marketed as "energy drinks."
      Originally posted by sakura_girl View Post
      Except one is going to make me binge on food an hour later and the other will put off my appetite until I can get my hands on real food. Hmmmmm....
      Also... THIS. X 10,000.
      The fatty one will likely keep a person (many people who try it report experiencing this) feeling full and satisfied for MANY hours...
      The sugary one will drop like a bomb and leave them tired and hungry just a few hours later looking for more calories to stuff into their faces.
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      And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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        It's to create the effects of 'intermittent fasting' without going into a calorie deficit (which is not beneficial for women, usually.) Also helps to boost your fat intake and get some instant but sustainable energy.
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          Originally posted by Jamie Madrox View Post
          I read through the original topic on it long ago and i see topics about pop up up every now and then but im still confused as to why people are putting butter their coffee.
          Maybe try your coffee with a square of unsweetened bakers dark chocolate. There's some evidence that cocoa boosts mitochondria's ability to produce ATP.
          Cocoa Boosts Muscle Mitochondria - The People's Pharmacy®
          Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?


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            Fasting means no ingested calories, though. Bulletproof contains a crap ton. Is there something about IFing working as intended when drinking butter and cream that I've missed?
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              I keep hearing the "butter is empty calories" misinformation. Please read up on the health benefits of butyric acid, and vitamin k12.


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                I agree that it is not an absolute water fast. I have tried to adopt the term Modified. As someone else stated, it is a nice biohack that helps some folks to get use to fasting and maybe at some point they won't even need it. There's also another biohack where fermented veggies also help out with fasting. If it produces the same benefits, or some of the same - I guess it depends on what you are going for and trying to accomplish with your fasts, but if it is the same benefits, I am okay with it. May not be for everyone.

                I find that the days I use it, I have trouble getting in enough calories.

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                  Originally posted by Damiana View Post
                  Fasting means no ingested calories, though. Bulletproof contains a crap ton. Is there something about IFing working as intended when drinking butter and cream that I've missed?
                  Well yeah, it's not ACTUALLY fasting, but it is helping the body to keep functioning sort of as if it IS fasted. As in, the BPC is virtually 100% fat calories, and the body will stay in ketosis when only getting fat calories, which seems to be the goal (correct me if I'm wrong). Then, one eats only for an 8 hour or so window several hours later, before going into "fasting" mode again.

                  It is easier than actually fasting for many people, because they're not hungry for several hours after having the BPC. I must admit, the one I had yesterday kept me going for quite awhile (although I didn't have it for breakfast). I actually ended up not eating again until after 11 pm (NOT a normal circumstance, but I went to a concert in the city, and didn't end up eating beforehand which I'd planned on, so ate something on the way home... ordinarily I NEVER eat that late at night!). Still, I would say I was not starving by then despite only eating a plate of breakfast at 8am and the BPC at 1pm (or so?).

                  This morning I've started with a BPC so I'm going to see how well it keeps me going. I didn't make the quantity as much as specified (500mL coffee) as my plunger (errm what everyone seems to refer to as a French Press... I had to look up French Press to see what it was and then discovered it's what I call a plunger lol) isn't big enough. I guess mine is about 300 or 350mL total once butter etc. have been blended in.

                  Given that I had some carbs last night (GASP) I wouldn't consider myself currently in a fasted state at all... I'm just seeing how well the BPC tides me over for the next few hours.


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                    Maybe try your coffee with a square of unsweetened bakers dark chocolate. There's some evidence that cocoa boosts mitochondria's ability to produce ATP.
                    Cocoa Boosts Muscle Mitochondria - The People's Pharmacy®
                    i cant get unsweetend chocolate but i am so going to try making a BP mocha with some straight cocoa powder instead of the chocolate and see what happens next time i go to the gym.


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                      Interesting read this thread.

                      I have been having coffee with ghee instead of breakfast over the past couple of months as an experiment really.

                      I am at the point now where I have pretty much reached my target weight but im now focusing on strength/building muscle.

                      For me BP Coffee (or simply coffee with ghee) is just an easier (and cheaper) way of hitting my calorie targets for the day as I have never liked breakfast and don't want to go back to the breakfast routine. I do like a big ass salad at lunch though

                      It also keeps me pretty sharp during the morning which is a nice benefit.

                      Its also an easier way of doing IF which can only be a good thing in the long run. A 200 calorie coffee that fills you up for hours with pretty decent fats is always going to be better for you than a croissant or a crumpet right?
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                        Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
                        Anyone who claims to maintain single digit body fat while eating 4,500+ calories a day while never exercising and drinking sticks of butter for breakfast is about as credible as Bernie Madoff's investments.
                        Wait, what is this about Madoff's investments? I put my life savings with him a few years ago, haven't checked my statements recently. If this guy is as credible as my 20% annual return I get from Bernie, then I'm ordering me some bulletproof coffee!


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                          I really like the bulletproof coffee with "modified" intermittent fasting. I tried it for a couple weeks before I switched to a paleo diet and I didn't seem to get any weight loss or fat loss effects from it. But once I started the paleo diet (bulletproof version) the pounds and fat started coming off! I lost 13 lbs in my first month, and I am getting more toned (I have been working out 2 times a week doing the body by science big 5 protocol). I really just wanted to burn fat and drop about 10 lbs, and I am getting closer and closer to that elusive six pack!

                          I am blogging about it here if you are interested in my story: My Experience with Bulletproof Coffee (Review) « Bulletproof Coffee and Bullet Proof Diet Review