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Help!! Having trouble obtaining a good Omega-6:3 ratio (

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  • Help!! Having trouble obtaining a good Omega-6:3 ratio (

    I started using PALEOTRACK.COM and began putting in todays menu:

    2 eggs


    turkey sausage links

    1 apple

    1 TBSP almond butter

    It said my ratio was 14:1 &

    To my surprise it said Warning! You have consumed too many Omega 6 fatty acids!! Wow...I thought I did really good! Can anyone give me advice?? Does that sound accurate? How can I improve the ratio??

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    Next batch of eggs you buy can be omega-3 eggs. Eat pastured/grassfed meat. Add fish oil to bring up the n3 fats.


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      This^^^^plus try switching away from poultry toward grass fed ruminant meat. You can make your own sausage with ground meat and some spices. Poultry and pork tend to not have a good ratio.


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        Less nut butter, more fish and red meat.
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          Salmon, mackerel, sardines, cod liver oil, fish oil capsules. Eat a can of salmon every day and your blood will be so thin people will think you are on some kind of blood thinning medication.
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            skip the almond butter, eat some fish
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