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    Originally posted by Lawyerchick12 View Post
    hmm thanks for starting this Nick. I have been thinking about supplements recently especially since I am VLC and as much as I try, I know there might be some nutrients I won't be getting much of consistently.

    Anywho I take Whey, multivitamin, Vitamin D and Magnesium at the moment.

    I am interested in your pill vs liquid form theory as my magnesium is in pill form but was advised that liquid might be better overall for faster uptake.

    I already drink whey protein as it helps with my lifts.
    I have noticed huge difference in taking pills vs. liquids


    Fish Oil pills- Noticed no difference

    Fish Oil- 1 tsp- Clearer thinking, calmer & steady state of mind

    B-Vitamin Pill- No difference

    B-Vitamin Droplers- Increased energy level all day

    Maybe it is just my body but who knows


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      Originally posted by JamesS View Post
      First of all you should be taking a good magnesium with the calcium. Taking a lot of calcium without magnesium is just asking for health problems. This is because calcium contracts muscles while magnesium relaxes muscles. So an imbalance of calcium and magnesium with a much higher ratio of calcium can lead to high blood pressure, constipation, migraines, muscle cramps/spasms, bronchiole constriction, etc. This is why calcium channel blockers or magnesium are used to treat so many of these conditions.

      Acdified forms of calcium and magnesium, such as citrate or malate, are the best absorbed and most beneficial. The carbonates and oxides are the worst. This includes calcium carbonate found under the names oyster shell, dolomite and coral.

      As for the claim that liquids are better I strongly disagree. Liquid minerals are OK, although they often contain poorly absorbed forms of the minerals. Liquid vitamins and herbs though are a joke. Water promotes oxidative destruction of these things rendering them useless in a very short period of time. For example, back in high school we tested the stability of the common synthetic ascorbic acid ("vitamin C" sold in health food stores. We exposed samples to light, low heat and moisture. After 40 minutes we tested each of the samples for vitamin C content. In all three samples the vitamin C had already been completely destroyed. Even fruits and vegetables lose vitamin content rapidly as they sit around on the store shelves. And the same reason herbs need to be dried as quickly as possible after being harvested without a lot of heat and out of direct light. The longer it takes for the herbs to dry the more of the nutrients and other active compounds are destroyed by increased oxidation due to the presence of moisture. This is why I rarely use teas or tinctures for medicine. I prefer powders or capsuled herbs, especially when using them for nutrition.

      As for other recommendations, one other thing I would highly recommend is chromium polynicotinate. Along with magnesium the chromium helps to maintain proper blood sugar levels, which has been shown to help reduce "aging". Chromium polynicotinate is 300 times more effective than chromium picolinate, but the same cost.

      Silica is also essential since it is the most common deficiency of aging that lead to many of the "aging" disorders such as wrinkles, osteoporosis, osteaoarthritis, emphysema, diverticulitis, etc.:

      Alt/Trad Medical Review

      I don't like horsetail grass (shavegrass) for silica though for various reasons including its vasoconstrictive properties.:

      Alt/Trad Medical Review

      I prefer either food grade diatomaceous earth or bamboo shavings, which are the highest sources of silica. Seaweeds, nettle leaf, butcher's broom and couchgrass are also great sources.

      Thanks for the Calcium tip, my doctor said i had a calcium deficiency, so i just juiced up the calcium without the magnesium.



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        I see it's been a few months since there has been a post on this thread, so hopefully it's still going...

        This is what I am currently doing, I'm curious to hear what people think as I'm not an expert...

        - Super Pack (MultiVitamin pack -from Beverly International)
        Tuesday through Sunday:
        - Fit Tab (MultiVitamin -from Beverly International)
        - GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil + Vitamin D3, Softgels
        - IGF-2 by Applied Nutriceuticals (Before Bed)
        - L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones by Top Secret Nutrition (Twice daily)
        - protein shake post workout: Gold Standard 100% Whey by Optimum Nutrition.
        ~ Chris