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Tostones-- are they primal?

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  • Tostones-- are they primal?

    I just went out to eat with some friends and wanted desperately to order tostones on the side of my steak with chimichurri (oh my gosh, I love chimichurri). Anyway, I haven't eaten them since going primal and didn't know if I could/should. Are they primal? If they are I think I'm going to have to make them a regular part of my diet. So so so good.
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    I'd like to know what others think about this too. Plantains would probably be considered primal, they're similar to bananas but with maybe slightly less sugar. If you're ordering them at a restaurant it might make a difference what oil they're being cooked in.

    I fell in love with these when I went to Puerto Rico--I'll take them over french fries any day. Have you tried cooking them at home?
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      Depends on your tolerance for carbohydrate intake (Plantains are very, very starchy) and the oil they're fried in.

      I use them for carb re-feeds when I make them at home, fried in lard/tallow/palm/refined coconut oil.

      I also eat them at a Cuban restaurant on occasion, but I definitely consider it an invocation of the 80/20 rule when I do.
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        Definitely a 20 in the 80/20.

        Don't they often add sugar? Also, in a lot of restaurants I bet they fry it in some horrid vegetable oil.


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          Oh, this makes me sad! I haven't tried cooking them at home, but I intend to. I wouldn't add sugar or cook in vegetable oil, obviously. I really wanted them to be part of my 80%. They are just so delicious.


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            I make maduros (fried sweet plantains) at home....
            Made with black ripe plantains.
            I brush the chunks with coconut oil, and baked in the oven until brown (instead of frying, because it's easier for me/less messy).
            I LOVEloveLOVE maduros!!!
            And that way they are totally primal.

            Tostones are totally makeable at home too.
            You just have to use a less ripe plantain and twice cook them by frying on the stove top.
            Cook once, cool a bit, flatten, then fry again to crisp it.
            Google is your friend for recipes...
            You'll have you some 100% primal tostones in no time.
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              Plantain slices fried in a lot of butter with cinnamon and whipped cream
              well then


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                I make tostones in my cast iron skillet with bacon grease (no hormones, uncured, etc bacon).

                They... Are... Awesome.

                I actually looked up the nutrition info today, and it says that 1 cup is 63 g of carbs. I eat 1/2 a plantain (the other half I would have to pry out of my wife's cold, dead hands). So I figure that's somewhere in the range of 25-30 g of carbohydrate. Well within the ~100 g per day given the rest of my diet.

                So, as far as I'm concerned, totally primal.
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