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    Perhaps, CARBS are GOOD!!
    You primal people can debate all you want, but the fact is that carbs have often been the primary staple of diets worldwide for centuries before this little "revelation" by Dr Atkins that caught on back in the 90's. The real reason we have such rampant obesity is because we have all become way more sedentary not just in the work we do, but the lives we live outside of our work. Technology has all but turned us into zombies. We spend more time on our asses staring at shiny pictures than we do on our feet for anything else. And now even dieting and "nutrition strategies" have become a sleazy marketplace of cheesy wares, just like the fashion industry, entertainment industry and the food industry itself have always been. Writing diet books is simply nothing more than the get-rich-quick scheme of the day.
    In other words Carbs are just fine! Look at South America, people love carbs and obesity is scarce.

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    recently starting eating good carbs again into my on track paleo diet..this due to my body having fatigue and some forms of nausea.! oatmeal, sweet potato, wild rice. all are very satisfying and have great benefits in proven research.
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      Primal allows carbs, just not sugars and grains.

      I don't think carbs are bad, but Americans overdo it on the empty carbs of sugar and white flour. It's one thing to eat a bowl of plain oatmeal, but most are eating it laced with a ton of sugar. Americans drink so much soda and eat so much empty, carb heavy food. Yeah, no one is obese because of fruit, sweet potatoes of "good carbs".

      What isn't understood well is the addictive nature grains and sugar- I think that is the bigger problem- it's the bagel in the morning that leads to the doughnut midday that leads to you eating a "light lunch" that leads to two cookies in the afternoon and a McFlurry on the way home. Empty calories literally crowd out nutritious foods.

      I know there is a lot of low carb here, but that is what works for those people. I know for me, weight loss has been much easier on a more moderate carb diet vs. low carb or the very high carb, low fat diet. And my eating patterns now seem very sustainable and are focused on more nutritious food than when I ate low fat/high carb.
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        We never said carbs was bad...
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          It is not true that carbs were the predominant macronutrient hundreds of years ago. People didn't used to eat 65-70% carbs until the USDA changed the food pyramid.


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            I think it is the refined foods that cause problems - not just refined carbs but refined proteins like whey, refined fats/oils like sunflower oil, crsico, and others.
            Unless you have a gluten sensitivity, I don't even think wheat is that bad if you soak and cook the whole grains - but who does that - we grind it finer and finer. If you cooked and ate a bowl of wheat kernels, there would be a lot more effort in chewing, it would fill you faster and have more fibre, less would be available to be absorbed - compare the absorble calories in that to a bagel/muffin etc.
            Eat a bunch of sunflower seeds vs refined sunflower oil. Eat some cheese versus a whey shake.
            Which is more filling, more nutritious, more phyto nutrients per calorie available.
            Easy choice IMHO.


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              I agree - carbs are great! That's why i eat about 75 grams of them every single day. I love me some spinach, broccoli, kale, dandelion greens, string beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, escarole, endive, etc. etc.


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                Originally posted by Miscellangela View Post
                I agree - carbs are great!
                I agree, I go for about 300g a day - so good.


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                  Yeah, who said carbs are bad??? As far as I'm aware the PB way of eating just means avoiding grains and processed sugars... not ALL carbs. The reason many restrict their carbs is because they're overweight and trying to lose weight, or because they gain weight when they eat a lot of carbs. However, carbs, in and of themselves are NOT bad.

                  It's like saying "fat is bad"... we all know fat is NOT bad, but certain TYPES of fat are bad!


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                    Any diet or health program that demonizes a single macro-nutrient in a sweeping fashion with no regard to the situational differences it will exhibit in different scenarios is really, really, really bad.

                    250g of carbohydrate for a fit, young, glycogen starved post work out elite athlete is completely different than 250g of carb for an insulin resistant overweight sedentary secretary. This forums has definitely come back around on carbs, which is good. MDA has always been a more objective non-fanatical community, maybe a bit slow on the uptake though, but I'm personally guilty of that.


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                      Carbs aren't bad. The grains we eat in America are not the same grains we ate 100 years ago, and certainly not the same grains that Vikings made their trenchers our of in ye olden days. Everything about them is different.

                      Also, what Primal Pete said.


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                        We owe a lot to grainy carbs. Us humans wouldn't be where we are today if agriculture never emerged, producing staples like bread and rice all over the world. I don't think anyone should be saying that carbs are 'bad', but most of us here will believe that the quantity of grains and sugars found in supermarkets has reached absurd quantities. I was grocery shopping last night and was struck when I noticed that there are whole aisles that I would no longer grab any item from.

                        Finding foods with high energy yield is beneficial for every single animal that has ever existed including humans. In recent times we took it too far though. Most dishes eaten in the standard western diet are bursting at the seams with sugar and grainy carbs, and this is reflected in the insane statistical levels of obesity we've managed to achieve. There's something truly screwed up with the way we live, and experimenting with reducing grains and sugars is as good a place as any to begin experimenting with healthier living. Seems to be working for a large number of people.

                        The OP is quite provocatively worded, I'm wondering if the responses in this thread so far are what you were expecting Chrisf12?


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                          The problem with the CW vs Primal carb debate is often that our definitions differ so greatly that we're talking about complete opposites. To much of the population, carbs = grains, sugar and perhaps white potatoes (often deep-fried in dodgy poly oils). To say that "no-one is saying carbs are bad" isn't true. I am. I'm saying THESE carbs are bad. I'll shout it from the rooftops. Mark says it too, in many, many posts. And as this is his baby, it's fair to say that's the view of Primal(tm).

                          What I understand from the Primal standpoint is that there are lots of other, and indeed better (more nutritious, less harmful) sources of carbs out there that are far more worthy of our consumption. Hello sweet potato, take a bow vegetables. Give a cursory nod to the occasional white rice. I often get comments from friends and family when I'm tucking into a large plate of meat and vegetables along the lines of "where's the carbohydrate?". Well, it's right there in that massive pile of veggies you see before you.

                          Primal recommends eating ADEQUATE carbs for your needs from the best sources. It's only low-carb by modern CW definitions. To the OP, some sources of carbs aren't optimal for promoting health in a human human body, this is a fact. You are correct about levels of activity and the plethora of crappy books and products out there that fall under the banner of health, but your opinions are too bombastic and narrow-focused to hold any influence with me. Carbs aren't carbs aren't carbs. It's all about context.
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                            Started to read the OP then all it just turned into a blur of words that read:

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                              Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                              Started to read the OP then all it just turned into a blur of words that read:

                              You primal people.....Troll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollAtkinsTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll .....Sooooo TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll TrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTrollTroll
                              Fixed that for ya.
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