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The deal with dairy?

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  • The deal with dairy?

    Hey guys and girls - long time no see!
    After a time trekking in Portugal, in which i was practically fruitarian/vegan, i am now readjusting to a primal diet. My goal now is, ofcourse, to re-adapt my body to fat burning. In this regard im wondering about dairy. I've read that heavy cream is mildly insulinogenic while especially milk and cheese is very insulinogenic. Should i avoid all or some of these food items while i re-adapt to fat burning? The insulin spikes sounds kind of counterproductive afterall.

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    The more pressing reasons to avoid dairy are whether or not your body tolerates it, especially the lactose. Give it up for a month, add it back in to find out. The insulin spikes can be a useful tool in some situations.

    No one has all the answers for you.


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      Thank you,
      I wasn't aware that my post implied that i needed someone to have all the answers for me though. I'll give a dairy free month a go. However, being northern european, i think im fairly safe on that front.


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        Experiment is key, and yes, your genetic background plays a role. I do better on full fat yoghurt (which I love) than low fat, which I sometimes use after a work-out as the insuline spike then is beneficial.