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    Originally posted by cavebabymama View Post
    This is the million dollar point. We mess ourselves up when we're like "a primal diet means no such-and-such" instead of focusing on what we CAN have. I agree, eat a banana whenever you want! Here's what I whip up if I'm really wanting some hardcore sweets:

    1/2 cup coco milk
    4 dates
    dash of cinnamon and vanilla

    Blend it up and let it thicken in the fridge. Oh so so so satisfying.

    Also, please don't think of it as cheating. It's just what you ate that day, no big deal.
    That sounds delicious! I'm definitely going to try it. I like your 'just go with the flow' type of thinking. I can't beat myself up over straying from the lifestyle now and then. Thanks for thoughts everyone!


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      I inherited a bunch of bananas leftover from a luau. I peeled them, put them in a ziploc freezer bag, and put them in the freezer.

      Yesterday, I whrrrd a little over 8 ounces of cold jasmine tea with two frozen bananas, and froze. This morning, I put the bowl in the fridge, ran some errands, and came home to a delightful treat that I eat with a fork.

      Pay attention to what happens when you eat something, anything. Do you feel good afterward? Lousy? Remember that. There are things that others can eat (like delicious, full-fat, plain yogurt) that I cannot. It totally screws up my blood sugar. So it really does not matter if it's conducive to the primal lifestyle. It makes me feel lousy so I don't want it.

      I'm from So Cal and grew up with pico de gallo on everything from my scrambled eggs to my guacamole to my steak and salad. Guess what? Too many nightshades in a short amount of time spells arthritic pain all over my body. Some people here can eat them all the time.

      I could go on, but the point is you ... not me.

      Go ahead. Eat whatever you want. But pay attention to what happens. I suspect that if you feed your craving the sugar it is begging for, it's going to only beg for more ... and you're going to feel lousy. Do it. Remember it. Suffer through getting clean. The Herx Effect is real. When you feel better, remember what you went through and see if that helps you the next time some craving rears its ugly head.


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        Personally? Well, I suppose it depends what you define as cheating. I eat a little bit of super dark chocolate every day. Typically 90 percent, sometimes this wonderful 65 percent Madagascar chocolate. They're both quite bitter and satisfying. I only eat wheat products maybe once or twice a month, typically when I have to go into the office. I bake a cake... I miss baking.
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