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Info Overload.. how should I eat to fuel my lifestyle?

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    I like this post:
    I’m Calling for a New Paradigm | Go Kaleo


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      Originally posted by heatherdarbs View Post
      Oh wow - I was just pondering this same thing today, while on a walk. Running melts it ALL away for me, too.'s what I noticed, for me at least. My hips are 3" bigger than they were when I was running all the time. I realized that the thickness of my hips (though I now have fat on my body, because I eat) is actually muscle, not blub. I don't know about you, but my entire body is bigger with muscle now. I know that my running and poor eating habits were leaving my body to consume what muscle I might have had. My calves were tiny, my butt was tiny, my arms were more than tiny (and gross). Now, I do eat appropriately, exercise appropriately and don't run 50 miles a week to make my body feast on my muscle. I wonder if you're experience is similar. Also, as much as we don't like the appearance of fat, we need it to regulate hormones and produce estrogen (need that for bones). My body fat is dropping again...and gone is my female “cycle". So.....decisions, decisions. I’ve noticed that many people on this forum advise me to redirect my focus toward health, not how I want to look and/or weigh.

      In terms of your workouts - maybe you've hit a burnout period. I did and never thought I would. I needed a giant rest and reform. Maybe try running again, but not to lose anything; just to get outdoors, breathe fresh air and be in the motion you most enjoy.
      I imagine we are getting healthier. You are spot on - all the cardio (I was only running 20-25mi/week) was eating away everything, I definitely wasn't strong, just wiry. I am definitely burnt out and the weight/fat gain is discouraging to me. I definitely have glutes. I think I need to incorporate daily walking - a lot of it - until my leptin/insulin/diet is cleaned up enough to LHT again.

      Originally posted by yodiewan View Post
      This is an AWESOME post! This is exactly the way my body wants to look!! My body moves in this direction when I'm working hard, I just have trouble sustaining it. I have strong legs, they can work hard, I will never have skinny stick legs. To have stri's like this gal would be so fantastic, and add 10lbs of lean mass! My arms and shoulders respond well to training, it will take another few years to lean out more. I'm going to poke around her site and see if I can catch any tips. Thanks for sharing - very inspiring!!!!


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        If 12 months ago you didn't have cellulite then presumably you've gained weight/fat and developed it, so in theory if you fixed what ails ye and lost the fat, you should look as you did 12 months ago. All theoretical, of course...this is of no help at all, is it?
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          isnt cellulite about transfats etc?

          so are you certain you are eating the right mix of fats in your diet?

          secondly it could be part of the process of removal, perhaps you need to focus on a high funtioning liver. do what is good to support its filtering and excretion process
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